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Make Awards Ceremony Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Make an awards ceremony slideshow video in minutes

Awards ceremonies mainly celebrate talent, achievement, and success; therefore, they must be upbeat, fun, and well attended when organizing this event! Most awards ceremonies are a fantastic way to identify and celebrate outstanding employees in your organization and make them feel special. Consider making your workers feel special by shooting clips of the nominees and winners to play at the event.

After that, you can compile the shots and create a fantastic slideshow video by inserting up to five video clips, eleven text lines, and a logo image. Not only will this make your workers feel like stars, but it will also give some excitement and interest to your viewers; furthermore, it also allows you to communicate your direct messages and achievements. The best thing about these slideshow videos is that they can be used after the event and regularly featured on the companies YouTube channel or website.

Besides sharing on Youtube and the company's website, you can also share the excitement with your online community through social media platforms. Let people know what is happening at your event and share the successes by posting the video on your social media accounts. By posting the video, employees' family members and friends will be able to join in the fun, and it also gives you the chance to tell people about the fantastic things happening in your company.

Make your employees feel unique with an award slideshow template

Receiving an award boosts a person or company's worth in their expertise. The title 'Award winning' carries meanings of reputation and experience, something that tends to be priceless in any line of duty. It also celebrates hard work, making people feel appreciated and respected. Such recognition does wonders for a company, and those who feel appreciated for their work are most likely to keep working with enthusiasm.

Making an overall highlights video of your event is the perfect way to inspire, inform and entertain; you can show the key messages achievements and still share the company's successes. Such videos capture the moments of joy when people win awards and let you grab their pride and enthusiasm through interviews with the winners. These films can be produced quickly after the event while it's still printed in people's minds and what a better way than with the above After Effects template.

Once the video is ready, you can share it across the company to your colleagues as the highlight of the events, and guess what? Fifty-six seconds is enough to that. You can also add fun to your event by incorporating your company branding and bringing together your event moments using consistent imagery. We also have some exciting inbuilt editing tools that make your video spicy and fun for people to watch.


Most award events happen once or twice a year, and for that reason, it's vital to make it count. It all starts from planning, budgeting, setting a date, and capturing every moment of the big day. Suppose you were wondering how to document the big day in a short and price video; we got you covered.

By choosing to create your slideshow video with this template, you will save on budget and guarantee a professional and high-quality video that will leave your audience in awe. There's no better way to finish editing your video than adding background music; you can gladly choose a song from our music library.

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