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How to Make a Screen Recording Video with a Free Screen Recorder

Have you ever tried to explain how to resolve a task on a computer, like changing their Zoom background? Or maybe you were creating a video tutorial for editing? In such situations, you need a way to show precisely what you’re doing on your screen.

And that’s where screen recorders can be helpful. But what if you don’t want to spend a cent on expensive software? In this article, we’ll outline a free and quick way to record screen video.

Who Should Record a Video from the Screen and Why?

Recorders can capture everything on your screen, including videos, sounds, and mouse clicks. But who uses this software, and for which tasks?

Creators and entertainers

Gamers: Some users create videos to show gameplay, share their skills, and entertain others on platforms like YouTube. Others may use screen recording to record bugs in games or create tutorials.

YouTubers: The screen capture tool is a must-have for YouTubers who make explainer videos, product demos, etc. They can record the mouse movements on display and explain what they do.

Streamers: Live streaming is viral. Recorders enable streamers to save streaming sessions and edit them later to post on their channel or different platforms.

Educators and trainers

Teachers: Recording tools help teachers create engaging online courses and share their lectures with students.

Online course creators: Some tools are specifically made for creating online courses. They enable users to add quizzes, annotations, and more. They provide precise and easy-to-follow instructions, explaining things step-by-step.

Corporate trainers: Screen recording is helpful for companies to create training videos. These videos can be used to onboard new employees, explain processes, or demonstrate software in action.

IT specialists

Software developers use screen recording to document their code, test their applications, and demonstrate how things work to others.

Tech support: Capturing a digital walkthrough for customers can show you how to resolve problems and explain things step-by-step.

Business Ideas: Using a Free Screen Recorder

Businesses always seek ways to improve productivity, increase sales, or enhance customer satisfaction. And even with a free screen recorder, you can easily create professional-looking videos to help market your business. That’s what you can do:

Showcase your product: Create a demo, instructional video, and product clip highlighting its features and benefits.

Host virtual events: Record webinars and presentations to educate potential customers and build engagement.

Spice up social media: Сreate short, engaging videos showcasing a new product, sharing a tutorial, or simply capturing a fun moment and sharing them on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Provide support and training: Make walkthroughs, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, instructional videos, and other helpful customer resources.

Gather feedback: Capture customer reactions to your products or services and collect video testimonials.

Boost traffic: Announce contests, explain rules, and showcase prizes, bringing excitement and interest.

8 Tips to Create a Good Screen Recording Video

1. Plan your content: Before recording, outline the key points you want to cover in your video to ensure it flows smoothly and effectively conveys your message.

2. Use reliable screen recording software: Choose a tool with features like high-quality resolution, easy editing options, and audio recording capabilities.

3. Adjust your settings: Set your recording settings to ensure the best quality video, including resolution, frame rate, and audio input.

4. Clear your desktop: Close any unnecessary programs or tabs to avoid distractions or interruptions in your video.

5. Practice before recording: Familiarize yourself with the recording software and practice your presentation to ensure you feel comfortable and confident during the recording process.

6. Use visual aids: Incorporate visual aids such as arrows, highlights, or text overlays to draw attention to key points or actions on the screen.

7. Speak clearly and concisely: Clearly articulate your instructions or explanations while recording to ensure your viewers can easily follow along.

8. Edit your video: After recording, edit your video to remove mistakes or unnecessary footage, add transitions, and enhance the overall quality.

Step-by-step Guide to Make a Screen Recording

Here’s how you can capture video from the screen:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the software.

Step 2. Choose the recording mode. Most programs allow you to switch between the entire screen, a specific area, or a window.

Step 3. Enter the settings to adjust any necessary video parameters. These could include video quality and frame rate, audio settings, and mouse click animations.

Step 4. Select audio source: microphone, system sound, or both if the software has this option.

Step 5. Start the session by pressing the corresponding record button. Some software has a short countdown before the recording begins. Pause/resume if necessary and stop when ready.

Step 6. Name your video file, pick a format, such as MP4 or AVI, and save the file on your device.

5 Programs for Recording a Screen

You can find desktop and online software to capture video from the screen. Some programs are easy to use and provide essential tools, while others offer advanced settings and features. Choose what best suits your needs.

Here are five sound-free screen recorders to start:

Loom: This software records your screen and webcam simultaneously and automatically uploads your videos to the cloud for easy sharing. It is beneficial for quickly sharing instructions or feedback with colleagues.

Screen Capture: This free screen recorder supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers. The program can simultaneously record your entire screen, webcam, or both, making it perfect for creating tutorials, product demos, or video calls. All recordings are saved in WebM format, making them easy to share online or offline.

Camtasia: You can record your screen, webcam, or both and add annotations, transitions, and special effects to your videos. The tool captures video from several sources: from your screen, camera, microphone, and system sound. It is an excellent choice for creating exciting tutorials and presentations.

Snagit: The software can record video from specific screen areas by scrolling capture and even record your mouse clicks and keystrokes. Snagit also offers advanced editing features like text recognition, removing UI elements, time delay, timeline capture, and more.

Screencast-O-Matic: This program has a clear and intuitive interface, making starting and stopping recordings easy. It also allows you to add your webcam and voiceover. Screencast-O-Matic is perfect for quickly creating simple screen recordings.

How to Edit Your Recorded Video

Once you’ve captured your recording, you can use the editing features of your recorder or a separate free no watermark video editor to polish your video. Here are some editing tips:

Cut and trim: Do you need to remove any unwanted clips? Just cut them down and rearrange them to your liking.

Add transitions: Smooth any abrupt changes between scenes by adding a transition effect like fade or dissolve.

Add text and titles: Want to make your video more engaging? Add text overlays or titles and customize the font, size, color, and position to match your style.

Pick a soundtrack: Spice up your video with some background music. Choose a track that complements the mood and pace of your video and adjust the volume accordingly.

Enhance video quality: Use tools like color correction to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also use filters to achieve creative results.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it – screen capturing is easy with the right free tool. You’ve learned how to make a screen recording, choose the settings, and add finishing touches to create the best video.

Now, you’re ready to capture your screen recordings! Whether for a how-to video, a presentation, or a clip just for fun, you’ve got the tools to make it. With a free screen recorder, you have nothing to lose and a lot of content to create!

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Ben is a writer from the UK with qualifications in Media and Music Technology. He specializes in software reviews and tutorials and has been blogging about media and tech subjects since he was a teenager from his East England base.

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