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YouTube TV Channel List: Comprehensive Guide

The increasing cable and satellite TV prices made many individuals look for alternatives. You might be among these people, and a live TV streaming service can be a fantastic option for you instead of cable TV. One can start accessing almost all his favorite channels and still be free from any fee, tool rental, or contract required by traditional cables. YouTube TV is among the most famous live TV streaming services, with more than five million people using it.

YouTube TV offers live TV with other content from at least 85 TV networks, and it was declared the live TV streaming service to have the highest number of subscribers in 2021. The YouTube TV Channel list includes lots and lots of channels. It's now a well-known fact that YouTube has been rising to become a popular streaming service everywhere in the United States and worldwide. Read on to learn more about the YouTube TV channel list.

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service now among the most famous and best streaming services. They make things easy by providing just one plan. With $73 per month, users can access 100 live TV channels in various groups like entertainment, sports, and news. Your place will determine the YouTube TV channels list provided for you.

YouTube TV allows about six users for a home together with three simultaneous streams. Therefore, customizing the streaming service is possible. There aren't yearly contracts, and coupled with the free trial for 14 days, the YouTube TV app is easily the most reliable streaming service out there.

Then, apart from YouTube TV live TV channels, this service is accompanied by unlimited cloud storage space without additional charges. This service will work on various streaming devices like laptops and smart TVs such as Roku streaming stick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, etc.

YouTube TV Price

YouTube TV offers only a single plan, making it unique from other streaming services, with many plans for users. Though YouTube TV costs more than Sling TV and Philo per month, it offers users better experiences and viewing for every household member with a good internet connection.

Compared to its competitors with similar prices like Acorn TV, YouTube TV's monthly cost is still the best. Also, with the unlimited cloud DVR service on YouTube TV streams, users will always have space and get uninterrupted while recording and watching their favorites. Your YouTube TV subscription will include the following;

• $8 off three months

• $72.99 per month

• Six profiles for a price per month

• 85+ regional sports networks

• Unlimited cloud DVR space

• Three simultaneous streams on various devices

YouTube TV Channel List

Wondering about the types of YouTube TV channels you can start enjoying on YouTube TV? This unlimited simultaneous streams service avails users of various channels that you can watch YouTube TV for news, sports, films, etc. You'll enjoy all these for a small price per month. This is a complete YouTube TV channel list of the YouTube TV channels;



• SEC ESPN Network

• VH1

• ABC Localish

• RecipeTV

• Univision

• ABCNews Live


• Universal Kids



• Unimas

• Adult Swim

• PC Mag


• Animal Planet

• PBS Kids




• TVLand

• BBC America

• Paramount Network

• Tru TV

• BBC World News

• OxygenTrue Crime

• Travel Channel


• Oxygen


• BETHer

• Nicktoons Orlando City Channel


• Big Ten Network


• The GreatCourses

• Bounce

• Olympics Channel

• TheCW

• Bravo

• Nick toons

• Telehit


• Teen Nick

• Cartoon Network




• CBSSports


• Charge!

• Taste made

• Cheddar

• T2

• CheddarNews

• Sy Fy


• Sundance TV


• Start TV

• CNBCWorld

• Smithsonian Channel



• Comedy Central

• ScrippsNews

• Comedy tv

• CoziTV

• Dabl

• Disney Junior

• DisneyXD

• Docurama

• DoveChannel

• Channel E!


• HallmarkChannel


• Food Network

• NBCSports

• FOXNews Channel

• FOX Weather Channel

• Freeform

• FS1

• NBCUniversal


• Gala vision

• Get TV

• Game Show Network

• TV Golf Channel Game

• HallmarkDrama


• Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

• HBO Max





• Investigation Discovery Channel

• Ion

• JusticeCentral TV


• LocalNow

• LiveNow FOX

• LXNews

• Magnolia Network

• MLB Game of the Week

• MLB Network


• Motor trend

• MT


• Comet

• MTVClassic

• MTV2

• My Network TV

• Nat Geo Wild

• CourtTV

• NationalGeographic


• FOXSoul


• FS2

• NBCNews Now

• FOXBusiness



• Discovery


• NewsNation


• NFLNetwork


• Newsy

• Disney

• Nick @Nite

• ESPNews

• NickJr.

• FX

• Nickelodeon

• Nicktoons

• Olympics Channel


Add-On YouTube TV Channel List

YouTube TV additionally provides some add-on channels. They are not compulsory but give additional content, which includes scary films, reality shows, comedies, sports, etc. You'll get them at just a little price per month. This is YouTube TV's channel lineup for add-on channels;

• Acorn TV

• All blk

• AMC +

• AutresPlayer

• Cinemax

• ComedyDynamics


• Curiosity Stream

• Dekkoo

• Docurama

• Dove Channel

• Fandor

• Fox Nation

• Gaia

• Hallmark Movies Now


• Here TV

• Hi-yah

• Hopster Learning


• Law&Crime

• MagnoliaSelects

• Max

• MGM +

• MHXChoice

• MovieSphere


• NBA League Pass

• OutsideTV Features

• Poker Go

• QelloConcerts

• RCNTotal

• Screen Pix

• Scream box

• Showtime

• Shudder

• Starz

• Stingray Classica

• SundanceNow

• Taste made

• Topic

• UpFaith & Family

• ViXPremium

• VSiN

• WNBA League Pass

• YouTube TV Spanish Plan

• YouTubeTV Entertainment Plus

• YouTube TV Sports Plus

Sports Add-on YouTube TV Channel List

One can select the sports add-on channels, which aren't mandatory but great for enhancing one's YouTube TV subscription. The sports add-on YouTube TV channel list is as follows;

• bein Sports

• BilliardTV

• FanduelTV

• Fight Network

• Fox Soccer Plus



• NFL Red Zone

• Outside TV

• Players TV

• Poker Go

• SportsGrid

• Stadium

• TennisChannel

• VSiN

Categories Of YouTube TV Channels List

Check the list for suggestions for channel names before you decide. YouTube TV has multiple categories of channels and premium networks, which include;

Entertainment Channels

Like in cable and many live TV streaming services, many channels on the YouTube TV list are for entertainment. So, if you are interested and love history, cooking, songs, etc., you will see channels having entertainment content that you will love to watch. Channels in this category include Comedy Central, HBO Max, Food Network, BET, etc.

News Channels

YouTube TV dramatically stands out from other competitors in the news aspect. Presently, they offer 13 plus news channels. They include famous channels such as BBC World News, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Sports Channels

YouTube TV's general package contains 15 plus sports channels. They include Fox Regional Sports Networks, ACC Network, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel Game, SEC Network, NBA League Pass, etc. Users who want additional sports are free to include the Sports Plus package. This comes with an extra $11 per month. Fifteen more sports channels are coming with it, which include Billiard TV, Outdoor TV+, Fox College Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, NFL RedZone, TVG, etc.

Local Channels

YouTube TV is the best if you'd love to start watching your local channels for news, weather, sports, etc. Many famous networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox are present almost everywhere. Getting MyNetworkTV, Telemundo, and PBS depends on where you're located. Just input your zip code into YouTube's site to see the local networks you can view based on location.

Kid Channels

With YouTube TV, your kids and young ones can view lots of content. They offer many kid channels, and some of their favorite ones include Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, Universal Kids, Nickelodeon, Baby TV, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, etc.


Which Device Will YouTube TV Work On?

YouTube TV works on multiple devices. It can be run on a Smart TV, a media player ranging from Roku to Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, and a game console like the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox 360, and One. Also, you can run it on an Android device, iOS device, computer, and laptop through a browser such as Chrome. Smart TVs are great for it.

What Can One View on YouTube TV?

UsinYou can view 100 plus live TV channels with trending shows and films using YouTube TVl the channels you need include documentaries, discoveries, sports, news, movies, cartoons, concerts, etc.

Can One Pause or Stop YouTube TV?

Yes, one is free to cancel his subscription at whatever time he wants, and he will stop accessing YouTube TV once his present period for payment ends. In addition, one is free to pause his membership and stop making payments for a while before returning to it afterward.

Does YouTube TV Beat Its Competitors?

YouTube TV stands out from other competitors like Roku TV and Sling TV because it offers various great channels for entertainment, children, news, sports, and many others. This means that all your family members will stay entertained every time. The coherent channel list of YouTube TV, their unlimited cloud DVR, six users or profiles, and free trials lasting for about 14 days show that users will surely enjoy their service to the fullest.

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