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Small business marketing ideas for TikTok

So you have successfully set up your TikTok account, familiarized yourself with the platform, and watched a few videos. However, you may be wondering about the next steps. As a small business owner, you might be interested in increasing your presence on this emerging platform. The question arises: what type of TikTok videos should you create?

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok is not solely for teenagers sharing pranks or dance videos. A wealth of valuable content on TikTok related to entrepreneurship and small businesses exists.

To assist you in getting started on TikTok and promoting your small business effectively, we have conducted thorough research and brainstorming. Below, you will find 41 video content ideas ideal for your small business to share on TikTok.

Get to Know You

1. Introduction

For small business owners, creating an engaging first TikTok video involves introducing oneself. Establishing a personal connection with your audience is crucial for fostering relatability. Share your name and intriguing facts about yourself, and provide a glimpse into your business. This way, followers can quickly become acquainted with who you are and what your business represents.

2. Workspace Showcase

Offer your customers a glimpse into your workspace! Showcasing where your products are crafted can significantly appeal to them. Whether you have a dedicated home office, a retail location, or work from your kitchen table, displaying your workspace allows customers to further connect with you and your business.

3. A Day in the Life

Take your followers on a virtual journey through a typical day as a small business owner! Document various activities you engage in throughout the day, ranging from mundane tasks like paperwork and phone calls to more exciting endeavors such as designing a new product line. By sharing these experiences, you give your customers a genuine understanding of the daily life and challenges of being a small business owner.

4. Success Story

TikTok is filled with inspiring success stories. What will yours be? We invite you to share your most significant achievement or a noteworthy accomplishment from your small business that fills you with pride. Feel free to showcase your achievements and tell us what sets you apart!

5. Meet The Team

Building a personal connection with your customers is essential; introducing your team can significantly contribute to that. Consider having each team member create a video to introduce themselves. Alternatively, if your business is family-run, let your customers become acquainted with the individuals behind the scenes. Teaching the people who keep your small business afloat strengthens the bond with your customers.

6. The Story Behind Your Business Name

Have you ever wondered how your favorite company got its name? Your customers might be curious too. Take this opportunity to share the origins of your business name. Explain the story behind it, its significance, and what it represents. Illuminate your customers about the meaning behind your company's name and foster a deeper connection with your brand.

7. Meet Your Beloved Pets

Who can resist adorable animals? Showcasing your furry coworkers in your TikTok videos can bring joy and a personal touch to your content. Give your audience a glimpse into your pets' lives and let their cuteness shine. It's a fantastic way to create positive engagement and evoke warm feelings among your followers.

8. Community Service

As a local business owner, you likely have a deep-rooted passion for supporting your community. Share a glimpse of the initiatives you're involved in to give back. Prospective customers can understand your values and commitments by showcasing your community service efforts. This can be a powerful differentiator in the market and attract customers who align with your principles.

9. Your Motivation

What drives you forward? Share what holds the utmost importance in your personal life or the mission behind your small business. By revealing what truly inspires you, you provide valuable insight to your customers, allowing them to understand your passions and motivations. This authenticity can forge stronger connections and foster loyalty among your audience.

10. A Favorite DIY Project

TikTok is brimming with do-it-yourself (DIY) videos, and sharing your favorite DIY projects is an excellent way for customers to connect with you beyond your professional endeavors. Do you enjoy gardening, tie-dyeing, or drawing in your spare time? Share these hobbies with your followers and give them valuable tips and tricks. Demonstrating your creative side can create a more well-rounded image of your personality and interests.

Regarding Your Company

11. Packaging Orders

One of the frequently encountered videos on TikTok for small businesses showcases the art of packaging orders. Witnessing how a company meticulously packs orders can be pretty satisfying, and your customers will undoubtedly appreciate getting a glimpse of the process preceding the delivery of their purchases.

12. Inventory Organization

If your small business revolves around physical products, you can exhibit your adeptness at organizing inventory. Sharing this content can benefit fellow small business owners while allowing your customers to gain insight into the extensive effort behind the scenes that they might not have previously considered.

13. Online Product Listings

The work entailed in listing a product online is often overlooked by customers. Enlighten them by showcasing the various steps in creating a compelling product listing. This can encompass aspects like professional photoshoots, engaging copywriting, and the behind-the-scenes tasks on your website. You may even entice your customers with a sneak peek of an upcoming product release.

14. Product How-To

If you possess a well-defined process for creating your products or services, why not educate your customers on what goes into it through concise instructional videos? A mini how-to guide can serve as a valuable resource for your customers, shedding light on the craftsmanship behind your offerings.

15. Start to Finish Timelapse

Something is captivating about observing a sped-up presentation of a complete process, from its inception to its conclusion. By utilizing high-speed timelapse techniques, you can showcase a range of activities, be it a day in your life, the intricate production of your products, or even the creative embellishment of your front desk. This engaging visual format is bound to pique the interest of your audience.

16. Inspiring Videos

TikTok has proven to be an excellent platform for sharing inspirational content. As a small business owner, you can create videos that showcase what keeps you motivated and inspired. It could be anything from the support of your family, your involvement in community service, or even the simple joy you find in your favorite treats. Sharing these sources of inspiration can resonate with others and provide insights into your journey as an entrepreneur.

17. The Genesis of Your Idea

Every successful company starts with a spark of inspiration. Take the opportunity on TikTok to share the story behind the inception of your business idea. Whether it was a specific event, a personal experience, or a stroke of genius, recount the moment that ignited your entrepreneurial spirit. By sharing this origin story, you can engage your audience and give them a glimpse into the passion and drive behind your small business.

18. Essential Tools of the Trade

Explore an often-overlooked TikTok video idea by showcasing the tools and supplies necessary to run your business. For instance, if you're a voiceover professional, offer insights into the type of microphone you use, how you create a sound-proof environment, and even provide tips on reading scripts. Sharing this informative and engaging content appeals to fellow small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs while also giving your customers a better understanding of the intricacies involved in your operations.

19. Spotlight on Best Sellers

Showcasing your best-selling products or services on TikTok can be an effective way to generate excitement and interest. Pick one or two of your most popular offerings and explain why they have captured people's attention and garnered positive feedback. This type of video works particularly well when you have recently restocked your best sellers, as it creates a sense of urgency and encourages viewers to engage with your business.

20. Artful Product Displays

If you have a physical location where you showcase your products, take the opportunity to reveal the artistry behind your displays. Whether you're a skilled baker presenting mouthwatering desserts or a retail boutique arranging clothing and jewelry, sharing the process of setting up your collections can be visually captivating and satisfying for viewers. This type of content demonstrates the care and attention to detail you put into presenting your offerings while also serving as inspiration for others in similar industries.

21. Highlighting In-Demand Services

If your business is service-based, use TikTok to provide a concise overview of your most requested service and how it operates. By offering insights into what your service entails and how it benefits customers, you can educate those interested in learning more or considering working with you. This type of video helps potential clients understand the value you provide and can be a stepping stone towards building trust and establishing a connection with your target audience.

22. Showcase Intricate Details

If your product boasts exceptional craftsmanship and intricate details, capture an intimate and up-close look to highlight what sets it apart. Share a glimpse of the unique and special features that make your product remarkable.

23. Announce an Exclusive Sale

Who can resist a great sale? If you offer limited-time discounts on your website, in-store, or have reduced service prices, inform your customers on TikTok. Please provide a clear and compelling call to action that guides them in taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

24. Guide on Product Usage

If your products have a learning curve or if there are helpful tips to enhance the customer experience, consider creating video content that educates your audience on how to make the most of your offerings. Share valuable insights and guidance to help your customers derive the best possible experience from using your products.

25. Exciting Stock Updates

Are you preparing to launch a new product or service? Is one of your best-selling items about to be restocked? Generate anticipation and excitement by announcing the availability of upcoming products. Inform your audience about the release dates, creating a buzz around your stock updates.

Business Advice

26. Getting Started Guide

Before embarking on their business ventures, aspiring entrepreneurs often seek guidance on how to begin. By sharing valuable insights on starting a business like yours, you can help other small business owners while also intriguing your customers with the story behind your entrepreneurial journey.

27. Essential Online Tools

Do you rely on specific online tools to efficiently manage your business? Create a TikTok video showcasing your favorite online tools and explain why they are indispensable for running your operations smoothly. Sharing this valuable information can assist fellow business owners and engage your audience.

28. Overcoming Challenges

Being a small business owner entails overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. Open up to your customers and share some of the hardships you've faced during your entrepreneurial journey. You demonstrate resilience and authenticity by highlighting the challenges and discussing how you successfully overcame them.

29. Insights and Lessons Learned

Share valuable lessons or insights that you've gained throughout your experience as a small business owner. Whether it's a realization or something you wish you had known earlier, this TikTok video content offers valuable knowledge to fellow entrepreneurs and deepens the connection with your customers.

30. Learning from Mistakes

It's not often that we openly discuss our mistakes, but creating a TikTok video addressing your errors can be highly valuable for other small business owners. By sharing your missteps and offering advice on how to avoid similar pitfalls, you demonstrate humility, relatability, and a desire to help others succeed.

31. Showcase Business Processes

Within your small business, numerous daily activities provide an opportunity to offer customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse. By sharing insights and tips with fellow business owners, you can highlight processes such as distributing PR packages, printing marketing materials, and more.

32. Share a Valuable Life Hack

TikTok serves as a treasure trove of invaluable life hacks. When you stumble upon a video featuring a helpful tip or business advice, put your unique spin on it and recreate it to share with your audience.

33. Encourage Cross-Platform Follows

While TikTok may not be your primary social media account, it is perfectly acceptable to request that your followers also follow you on Instagram or Facebook for additional content. When making this request, ensure you provide them with compelling reasons to follow you on those platforms as well.

34. Provide Satisfying Content

Everyone enjoys stumbling upon a supremely satisfying video in their feed. For instance, if you're a baker, consider sharing a video showcasing a perfectly iced cake. If you're a chiropractor, perhaps capture a super satisfying back crack. You might be pleasantly surprised by the reception these types of TikTok videos receive.

35. Highlight Practical Solutions

You may have encountered the TikTok trend, where people share items in their homes that "make sense." A delightful twist for small business owners is to showcase elements within their businesses that make sense and contribute to the smooth operation of their endeavors.

36. Organize a Giveaway

Like hosting a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook, TikTok offers a convenient platform to organize such events. Ensure the giveaway is easy to enter, as this will boost participation and engagement.

37. Share Exclusive Discount Codes

Who says you can't generate sales through TikTok? If your products are available for online purchase, entice your TikTok followers with exclusive discount codes. This will encourage them to visit your website and redeem the discount code.

38. Photography Tips for Photoshoots

Are you adept at capturing your photos? Share your knowledge and provide valuable tips to assist fellow small business owners take better photos. This could encompass various aspects, such as styling photos for Instagram shoots, adjusting professional camera settings, or utilizing appropriate lighting techniques.

39. Acknowledge Other Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you understand the significance of supporting fellow entrepreneurs and the immense gratitude of receiving such support. Why not spread the love? Give shout-outs to some of your favorite small businesses, showcasing their products or services.

40. Advocate for Shopping Small

Help raises awareness about the importance of supporting small and local businesses. Share your top reasons for choosing to shop small, emphasizing the unique benefits and positive impact it has on communities.

41. Express gratitude

Finally, never forget to express your gratitude to all your customers, friends, family, and local community members who contribute to your small business's success. A simple thank you goes a long way in acknowledging their support.


In short, TikTok provides a unique and engaging platform for small businesses to market their products and connect with their audience. By implementing these 41 video content ideas, small business owners can effectively promote their brand, build personal connections with customers, and showcase their expertise.

Whether introducing themselves and their team, sharing behind-the-scenes footage, highlighting best-selling products, providing business advice, or expressing gratitude, TikTok offers a range of opportunities to engage and captivate their target audience.

With creativity and strategic planning, small businesses can leverage TikTok to increase their online presence, attract new customers, and ultimately drive growth for their ventures. So, don't hesitate to dive into the world of TikTok and explore the endless possibilities it holds for your small business marketing.

So why not create a video now for your TikTok and see how it can transform your social media presence?

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