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Making Product Videos That Sell in 2023: A Guide

Watching a brand's video has convinced 84% of customers to purchase a product or service. This statistic highlights the importance of having compelling product sales videos as a brand. However, creating a good video for a webshop can be challenging and time-consuming.

A good product video should inform and inspire viewers to take action, that is, to purchase the product. This article will provide an in-depth guide and best practices for making a video that makes people buy.

Let's get right to it!

What makes a compelling product video?

Product videos are widely recognized for their high-quality visuals, but it's not the only thing that makes this video genuinely captivating. Let's delve into some of the crucial elements that make product videos successful:

1) Powerful hook

Most viewers are likely to scroll past a product sales video within the initial 10 seconds if it fails to pique their interest. Quick transitions with corresponding sound effects are an effective e-commerce strategy to keep them hooked.

2) Focuses on addressing customer problems

A compelling product video demonstrates how the product or service solves potential customers' problems. Adopting this approach also helps you identify features to emphasize during the video.

3) Content-rich

Great product videos provide all the essential information upfront to help potential customers make a purchase decision more quickly. A great video should highlight the product's most significant features and accessories so that users know what makes it superior to previous models and are more convinced to buy it.

4) Concise and straight to the point

80% of marketers create videos that are three minutes or less. Video length is crucial, particularly for product videos, as longer videos can cause viewers to lose interest and drop off.

5) Pays attention to detail and the tone of the video

It transforms mundane activities like sitting at your desk and working into a high-octane adventure. Everything from the product videography to the music, graphics, and visuals contributes to this. Ensuring that all video elements blend seamlessly and convey a consistent mood or message is essential.

6) Single call-to-action

For an e-commerce product marketing video, viewers must be directed somewhere once the video ends, such as a web shop, website, or landing page. Usually, the video ends with the brand's logo to ensure viewers know where to look after watching the video.

You may need to provide additional information, such as your shop address, web shop address, or the product's name, to make it easier for viewers to search for it online after watching your product video advertisement.

Now that you know what to consider while creating a compelling video, let's explore some best practices for crafting a product video that sells for your brand.

Best practices to make a product video that sells

To increase the likelihood of selling your product, consider creating an engaging product video that is straightforward, helpful to consumers, and creatively showcases your product's unique selling points. This section will explore some practical techniques to help you achieve this goal.

1) Speak to your audience

Firstly, it's essential to tailor your video to your target audience. Even if you have great ideas for a product video, creating something without considering your audience will not lead to conversions. Understanding your ideal customers will help you determine the tone, language, and type of video that will resonate with them.

To create a compelling product video for your online web store, start by analyzing your existing customer data and using it to develop buyer personas.

Address the main points of these personas in your videos. Additionally, survey potential customers to identify common objections to purchasing your product and address them in your product launch video.

An excellent place to begin is by checking if your product video covers the following inquiries:

• What are the main characteristics of your product, and how do they resolve problems?

• What is the reason for someone to purchase your product?

• How does it improve the lives of your customers?

• Will this product boost their overall satisfaction?

• Is there a unique backstory that could make your product more attractive to potential customers?

2) Create a Sound Script

It is crucial to work on your script before creating product videos. Even if you're pressed for time, resist the urge to start shooting immediately. Good writing will help you effectively convey your message and tell a cohesive story while preventing costly mistakes.

Videos made without scripts are more likely to lack a clear point of view, confuse viewers, and require multiple takes and revisions, leading to high costs.

3) Ensure you have the perfect video length

Additionally, when creating a product video, it is essential to ensure that it is concise and to the point. With excellent video content online, the average human attention span has fallen below 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the length of your video. The size of your video significantly impacts audience retention, and different video lengths work better for different types of videos.

4) Prioritize high-quality footage

The product demo video you create will likely be the first interaction potential consumers have with your brand and product. To ensure a positive impression, it is essential to use high-quality images and footage. If the visuals are blurry or unclear, it could dissuade people from purchasing your product, leading to decreased sales.

Consistency in video quality is also crucial. You don't want some parts of your video to look professional while others appear amateurish. If you are shooting the video yourself, consider watching a tutorial for tips on using your phone to create professional-level shots.

To create a successful product video, keep these tips in mind:

• Use a plain white background to make your product stand out when in doubt.

• Maintain consistent lighting throughout the shoot.

• Film using the highest resolution your device offers.

• Use a tripod to keep the camera stable and ensure steady shots.

5) Get good audio

Having high-quality audio is just as crucial as having good video quality. This is because audio plays a significant role in creating the overall tone of a product video. If the audio is unclear or distorted, it can lead to viewers clicking the "back" button within seconds of starting the video.

It's essential to prioritize the quality of vocals in videos that feature testimonials or conversations. Therefore, it's necessary to invest in a good microphone.

6) Focus on the pace and tone of your video

A significant portion of purchasing decisions is made on a subconscious level, influenced by emotions. The pace and tone of an e-commerce video play a crucial role in affecting how viewers feel. A video that moves too quickly can confuse viewers, while a prolonged video may fail to keep them engaged. Pacing can emphasize scenes dramatically and create a sense of forward movement, encouraging viewers to keep watching.

You can adjust the length and type of shots to achieve the right pace in your sales video. Here are some tips to help you get pacing right:

• Shots with more information should be on the screen for longer.

• Moving shots should be held longer than static shots.

• The first instance of a shot should be held longer than subsequent repetitions.

• Shots in a sequence should not be of the same length.

In addition to pacing, it's essential to get the tone of your video right. All video elements, including the script, voiceover, music, lighting, shots, and editing style, determine the manner. Before you begin shooting, consider the tone you want to achieve.

For example, if you're creating a product sales video for kids, you may want to use bright colors, bold and playful fonts, simple language, and a cheerful and friendly narrative voice.

7) Use detail-rich descriptions, subtitles, and captions

Consider designing your product video for sound-off if you plan to share it on social media. Since 92% of consumers watch videos without sound, and 50% rely on captions, it's important to include supporting text like descriptions, subtitles, and captions to convey your message effectively.

When creating a captivating product video, ensure your visuals are attention-grabbing enough without relying heavily on sound, particularly within the first few seconds.

8) Include a call-to-action

To make your product demo video effective, giving your audience clear instructions on what to do next is essential. Including a call-to-action at the end of your video can help with this. There are three main ways to add a call to action in your video:

1. Add a title card at the end of your video that instructs viewers on what to do next.

2. Use a voiceover or have someone on camera giving directions to the viewers.

3. Include a call-to-action button in your video, which viewers can click to visit a new link. Note that this option is only available on specific video platforms.

9) Incorporate customer testimonials where possible

Incorporating customer testimonials can enhance the authenticity of your brand or business and serve as social proof. Research indicates that 73% of consumers are more inclined to trust content their peers share than that the brand shares.

This highlights the significance of customer reviews in convincing users that your product is practical instead of relying solely on advertising.

To create a more engaging product video, consider featuring existing customers. Avoid over-polishing the footage when curating customer review videos, as it may detract from the message's authenticity.

You could include quotes on a single frame, a talking head interview of a customer discussing how your product or service transformed their experience, or even incorporate a customer-generated video into your content.

How to get started?

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Wrap up!

To expand your brand, it's crucial to produce captivating videos that showcase your products. This guide will be practical when you embark on this endeavor. If you found this blog helpful and require motivation to create your product sales videos, check out the top 10 product video concepts for 2023 for some ideas and inspiration.


What is a product video?

A product video effectively showcases the benefits of a product to potential customers. It aims to generate excitement about a new product or service in a webshop using visually appealing content and compelling music.

What is the purpose of product sales videos?

Product sales videos aim to showcase products or services to potential customers to convert them into buyers. Statistics show that product videos can significantly increase sales, making them a vital aspect of any e-commerce marketing strategy.

84% of customers have reported purchasing based solely on a product video from a brand.

What makes a good product video?

A good product video drives conversions. Depending on the desired goals of the video, such as building brand awareness, educating customers, or highlighting product features, the format of the product video may vary.

For those new to creating product videos, using our platform for business can simplify the process with tailored templates and on-demand support.

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