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Youtube Channel Trailer Maker - Create Your Own Movie Trailer

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With Our Youtube trailer creator, you can create a professional trailer video to promote your project, business or event. All done and ready in minutes and downloadable as an Mp4 video file in Full HD.

This video template lets you create an amazing looking trailer with nebula graphics and special effects. You can insert 26 text lines, 11 video footage or photos and a logo design, for a total duration for 2 minutes. The video can speed up or down depending on how much time you want to give users to watch it.

Youtube Channel Trailer Maker

How to create a movie trailer for Youtube? It's easy, just press the button above to get started. It is completely free to experiment with all our templates and create a test video.

When our template video editor starts, you will see a dashboard with the 3 steps for producing your video. The first step is to customize the template graphics by replacing the existing content with your own. After that, if you do not want to change the music, you can go to the last step and produce the video.

Our trailer creator software works completely online and is super easy to use. Music, video hosting and stock footage are included in the price. We only charge for the Full HD video.
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