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YouTube Channel Trailer Maker - Create Your Own Movie Trailer

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How to improve your movie trailer design with a few clicks


With our YouTube trailer creator, you can make a professional video ad to promote your project, business, or event. All done and ready in minutes and downloadable as an Mp4 video file in Full HD.


This video template lets you create an amazing-looking trailer with nebula graphics and special effects. You can insert 26 text lines, 11 video footage or photos, and a logo design for a total duration of 2 minutes. Conveniently speed up or slow down the video, depending on how much time you want to give users to watch it.


YouTube Channel Trailer Maker


How to create a movie trailer for YouTube? It's easy; press the button above to get started. It is completely free to experiment with all our templates and create a test video.


When our template video editor starts, you will see a dashboard with the three (3) steps for producing your video. The first step is to customize the template graphics by replacing the existing content with your own. After that, if you do not want to change the music, you can go to the last step and produce the video.


Our trailer creator software works online and is super easy to use. Music, video hosting, and stock footage are all included in the price. We only charge for the Full HD video.


Movie trailer maker - apply cinematic video effects in minutes!


Not sure how to create an opening trailer that will hook your potential audience and leave them wanting more? With our online movie creator and professionally-made After Effects template, you can cut together scenes neatly and quickly to deliver a fantastic-looking cinematic trailer. Have you been wondering how professionals achieve this? Here's your chance to shine. 


With well-organized assets, customizing your film project is simpler than ever. So let's get started: swap the placeholders for your original media, add an impactful soundtrack, and hit render. In less than 30 minutes, our online movie trailer app will have a finished copy ready for the market.


This online video-making automation software is the best helper - an intuitive, intelligent app, no installation required. Are you a novice with no AE video-compositing experience? Our toolkit will help you work faster, more efficiently, and improve consistency. 


Powerful movie trailer for your advertising campaign


When promoting your film product, you want to impress everyone (potential investors, your audience, and even critics). If this video template doesn't quite fit your project, our website offers a diverse array of ready-to-edit scenes. Don't forget to formulate your approach, study your audience, and stick to your budget.


Remember to consider top industry trends, demographic variables, and what your intended audience likes. Our ready-to-use post-production template lets you add exciting pre-mastered sound elements, music, and show-stopping highlights. With it, you can show off the most unforgettable scenes, add dramatic music to intensify thrill, increase suspense, and get your audience emotionally invested.


Trust our simple process to ensure your transitional scenes, quick cuts, flashbacks, and music cues are in sync. Get the audience to react positively. A trailer can motivate actions, evoke emotions, and even encourage discussions. 


The takeaway


One template, three simple steps; that's all it takes to generate a well-executed movie trailer. Pick a preloaded template from our list, drop in the assets you wish to customize, then download your three-act trailer. Export your final cut to any virtual destination of your choice - share it on social media, send it to your computer, or embed it into your website. 


Get the best quality low-cost download (Full HD version without watermark), or order a low-resolution copy (with watermark). The pay-as-you-go self-serve option is ideal for one-off custom video-making projects. Are you a small business or professional managing a high volume of time-sensitive projects?


Then our premium membership offers a better deal. In short, you add a plan and get all the services you need, plus bonus features for an unprecedented low price. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to maximize your compound savings.

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