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Create a Text Typography Intro Video For Your Business

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Create a professional text typography intro for your business in minutes. This intro template will let you insert a logo and edit lots of text for this dynamic animated video. Animation is in 3d space and makes video look very unique and lively. The video duration is 44 seconds.

How to create a text typography video? Press the button above to edit this video template online with our easy template video editor. You will be presented with a minimal user interface that will display sequentially, all the customizable parts of the template, and you will be able to change each one of them with your own content, such as text, photos, video clips and colors.

To make our video editor as simple as possible, the structure and design of all our templates are fixed, meaning, you cannot insert new elements on the video if there isn't one there already, and you also cannot add or remove slides. But if you want to use just part of the video, you can download the video for further editing on another video editing software.

So, while there are other, more flexible video maker programs out there, that allow you to start creating a video from scratch, add slides, etc, they often come at the cost of less complex templates and more simple videos, which are divided in slides. In contrast, because of the fixed nature of our templates, they tend to be way more complex than the ones found at our competitors.

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