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Make a Product Promotional video based on this After Effects template

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With this video template, you can make a Product Promotional video. Insert up to 15 video clips, 91 text lines, and a logo image. The total video duration is 51 seconds.

What is a promo video?

Promotional videos are sales and marketing tools created to inform customers about a certain product or service. Such videos are usually short, precise, and straight to the point. With our product promo video template, you’re ready to start making those sales.

If you’re planning to launch that new product and want to make that exceptional video for marketing purposes, then read on. You see, most businesses underestimate the power of promoting their products and services to customers. The truth is, for a business to thrive, promoting products is key when it comes to marketing.

According to research, companies that promote their products generate more revenue than those that don’t. So, as an entrepreneur, which category do you want to fall in? Making profits or losses?

Reasons why you need a promotional video for your business

Statistically, at least 74% of customers have admitted to purchasing a product after watching a video. A promo video describes a product better than a detailed product description. Videos command attention, and it’s easier for customers to understand the info.

Using our video template to create your product promo will take your business to the next level. This is because our video templates are unique, quality, and easy to use. So before launching that product you’ve been working on for months, consider using our online slideshow maker to create that engaging video.

Using our slide show maker template to make your video is a walk in the park. All you’re supposed to do is insert up to a maximum of 15 video clips. You can also add up to 91 text lines and a logo. Please note the total video duration is 51 seconds.

When should I use a promo video?

Marketing videos are good for attracting new customers, upcoming events, or creating brand awareness online. If people are new to your product, it’s vital to create a video for them to understand more about your brand. Videos provide more value and can get potential customers to say yes and buy your product.

Product advertisement is a great way of passing on information to your audience. Whether it’s your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, or website, advertising your product on these platforms is a great way of converting your sales and increasing your brand awareness. In addition, a great product video can get you at the forefront of your competitors.

An engaging video can convince anyone. With our busy schedules, long gone are the days when people would read long product descriptions. Instead, most people prefer something quick and easy to understand.

Benefits of creating a product video using a slideshow with a music template

Have you ever thought about why most companies invest in product advertisement videos? Well, digital migration has influenced the growth of many businesses. With the growth of social media users, engaging videos get more social shares and reach more people.

A lot of people get emotional when watching videos. Most entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this by creating engaging videos for their products. Having a captivating video is one of the major marketing tools that businesses use to engage customers.

It is more memorable, persuasive, and increases sales. Creating a product promotional video is easy with our slideshow video template, and any business should have one. All you need to do is keep it informative and entertaining, and you’ll see how your prospects will be converted to clients.

Consider creating your video with our online slideshow maker at an affordable price. Your video will be ready in minutes. Then, you can go ahead, launch that product or event and make some good money. To put it in a nutshell, it’s easy, fast, and convenient.

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