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Make Gold Particle Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Easy ways you can turn logo animation into a branding success story


Logo animation, have you wondered why it is a must-have for businesses and advertisers today. Undeniably, cleverly crafted moving graphics are memorable and unmissable. Use it to play out your business story, and you’ll see how resourceful it can be.


Of course, your logo design must be visually captivating, creative, original, and innovative to delight your audience. Until recently, making branding videos was time-consuming, physically demanding, and expensive. Customized templates like this video project featuring gold logo reveal animation is a game-changer.


With it, you’ll be able to smarten your logo design and create better business branding videos. Try it! Our cloud-powered logo video creator is intuitive, fast, and user-friendly. How to get a logo for your business?


Editing custom After Effects templates - how to start a logo design


Don’t have an account yet? Get yours now; it’s free! Once you’ve completed registration, you can start experimenting with some of our designs.


If you prefer to go right into customizing this particular logo stinger video, that's fine too. Using our drag-and-drop editing tool, you can quickly insert your business logo (1 image), tagline, pictures or footage, and music. Make a statement with fancy typography, text, animations, icons, illustrations, and more from our catalog.


As you can see, this segment is ideally short, only 13 seconds. Want to emphasize details or relevant points? You can use our speed controllers to adjust the timing of each clip. 


Customized particle logo reveal animation can boost creativity!


If you're stumped for ideas and can’t decide what to use to create a logo design, try this customized template. Perfectly structured for logo unveiling, this smooth-paced video is a good starting point. Do you see how the gold particles falling in the backdrop contrast well with the pitch-black base?


Rest assured, you’ll have the best-looking advertisements for your digital branding campaign. Now you can take an efficiency-oriented approach to speed up idea generation and production. Whether you have the skillset to create high-end videos or not, modular templates are handy.


If you want a smooth sailing production, this is the way to go. Let me show you how adaptable pre-built video projects can be. How to pick a company logo color scheme?


Adding personalized branding to gold logo reveal video


Once you purchase this template, you may reuse it for as many projects as you wish. Give your logo a color scheme that uniquely portrays your company or brand. Add eye-catching visual elements to give your production a flair.


Search our gallery for creative graphic assets, icons, illustrations, typography, and animations to complement your logo design. Leave your mark on every video you make so that anyone who watches them remembers your brand name. It’s a proven strategy to increase brand recall. Decorate your text using clean, stylized fonts and appropriate color blends to achieve uniformity.


Whether your logo contains a typeface, brandmark, or symbol, it’s a part of your brand identity. As the face of your company, it’s one of the touchpoints your clients and customers will interact with frequently. Although it plays a pivotal role, it’s meaningless advertising if you don’t get the typography, visuals, colors, and effects right.




Ever heard of this misconception about logotypes: it's a valid indicator of brand success? It’s a part of a branch of visual elements that work in concert to build your brand identity. In a nutshell, it takes a unified effort to make logo branding videos work for your business.


That said, you must know why your business needs a logo opener video. Also, define your objectives and reinforce your brand values. These are crucial first steps to help you choose an ideal video project for your campaign.


Pre-built templates have innovative designs based on modern design trends. Using one of our logo animation mockups will help you reduce your production costs. It is an affordable, flexible, scalable video-making solution for small businesses looking to maximize returns.


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