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Make Modern Urban Parallax Slideshow Opener Video Online

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Effortlessly create modern slideshow openers for promotional marketing!


How slideshows look these days, you’d think they’re from this time, but no, they’ve been here since the dinosaur age of digital marketing. Are you looking to promote your event, products, services, or business? This slideshow video template with background image parallax special effects will make your presentation look spectacular.


Not an atypical of your ordinary everyday static linear slideshow, this modern design displays logo animation, composite elements, and more. It’s in a whole different league when nailing presentations. With the best-in-class built-in designer tools on deck, remixing this customizable AE template that simulates lens distortion transition will be effortless.


Everything is ready, so all you have to do is tweak this composition. Do you want to learn how to rework this layout? Tap the edit button above: insert 20 video clips, 21 texts, and one (1) company or brand logo for 55 seconds playback.


Parallax photo slideshow AE template for easy customization


Whether you have some experience reworking animated templates or not, our three (3) step approach will streamline your process. Our technique is super simple and practical for all users, no matter your experience level. Select a slideshow template from our gallery, open it, and import your media onto the drop zones.


It has built-in controllers that let you adjust the speed, effect, position, and timing of your slide transitions. Auto-render processes chunks of media in real-time to refine the graphics and generate the best quality playback. Not only does this saves time, fast-track delivery, and increases workflow efficiency, but, improves your final product quality.


Still undecided? Experiment with a few of our templates and preview your final cut before you download your slide. Mind you, our free downloads are in standard definition (low-resolution), but you can go premium to get unlimited full-HD downloads or pay-as-you-go.


Versatile parallax scrolling slideshow template


Let’s dig a little deeper into slideshow uses to explain how incredibly adaptable this template is. Ideally, we recommend using this layout for business presentations, trailer-style documentaries, mini-movies, photomontages, or art and fashion showcases. Our parallax slideshow opener template is full of energy, stylish and virtually makes your images look more dynamic.


Highlight key features in your presentation, whether it’s those memorable moments you cherish, product showcase, or your business model. This timeless video template will keep everyone engaged from the first slide. Add a dreamy overlay that hypnotizes as motion parallax slows down background images every time you scroll.


The result? An immersive 3D construct (optical illusion) that adds extra definition to moving objects. You can adjust the lighting, rotate design elements, add music, change text expressions, logo animation, and color scheme. Give your slideshow a signature design that is exclusive to your brand.


Repurpose your parallax slideshow After Effects template anytime you want


You can easily swap out geo-specific content for relative promotional campaigns if your business caters to different markets. It saves you the trouble of starting over and lets you scale back your spending on digital ads. Alternatively, you can change your design altogether.


Need something new and unique for your presentation? We update our media gallery with fresh inspiration every day. Explore our categories for illustrations, logo animations, typography ideas, stock images, footage, and more.


Get this: our design has an irresistible hypnotic quality that is so enjoyable to watch, you can bet eyeballs will be glued to the screen the whole time. Not only that, it will make your visual presentations look more desirable, professional, premium, and polished. Anyone would think you outsourced to a big-time digital marketing agency.


Have multiple slideshow projects? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and save some money instead of paying per download.


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