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Make your title intro video in minutes

Here’s a chance to design an eye-catching intro video and leave a lasting impression on your viewers with our intro creator. The template comes with a professionally designed look to give you the capabilities you need to customize your video. Customizing every aspect of your video enables you to engage with your audience and showcase your brand identity. 

Most business owners barely pay attention to the importance of an introduction video; the truth is, an intro is a very crucial component of your video and your brand as a whole. It gives your viewers a  brief overview of your brand and acts as a direct ticket to grab their attention from the start of the video. With this video template, you can create a text intro video by inserting five text lines and a logo image. 

The above intro creator empowers you to create an excellent intro by adding different visual effects to your video to give it a unique taste. Okay, I know what you’re thinking; how can I create a professional video with zero video editing knowledge? Don’t worry because our video editing experts have taken care of that by designing a user-friendly template.

Tips for creating an awesome logo intro video

An intro is essential in video marketing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your video.

Tip1: Be aware of the length of your video

A short and precise intro can easily convince people to watch a video till the end; more extended intros can quickly bore your audience. Have you ever wondered why most ads or even TV shows have short intros? The shorter the introduction video, the more engagement you’ll get from the audience. 

When creating your video using this template, we recommend that the length shouldn’t exceed thirteen seconds. So, consider using shorter intros, and you’ll see a drastic growth of your brand. 

Tip 2: Add the correct type of music

It’s crucial to note that incorporating the right music into your video can make it memorable. Luckily, the template offers the perfect solution for you since it has a music library that contains copyright-free songs. You can select a music track and add it to your video to give it a unique taste. 

Please be mindful of the volume when adding music to your video because loud music could turn off. 

Tip 3: Showcase your branding in the intro

An introduction video displays your brand identity, so it’s vital to include your brand’s name, tagline, social media handles, and other important info when making your video. Our text intro maker allows you to create a fantastic video either in a landscape, portrait, or square format;  so that you can effortlessly share your video to your social media accounts.

Below are some of the features of our text intro creator

• Easy to design tools.

• It has fully customizable graphics and transitions to improve your intro.

• You can experiment with existing color schemes.

• It has beautiful fonts to help you communicate your message.


Suppose you’ve gotten to this point; congratulations because now you have all the tips for creating your introduction video. Our charges are pretty affordable if you’re wondering how much it costs to create a video using this template. As a video production company, we’ve made it easy for you to create your video in the comfort of your home.

As a startup owner, you’ll never go wrong using our video template because it’s professional, high-quality, and you get value for your money. So, do you want to promote your content and showcase a strong brand presence? Consider creating your video today and increase your brand visibility. 


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