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Make Amazing Intro Video for Website with After Effects template

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Use this intro and outro template to make your brand stand out!


If you are a business owner interested in making your brand stand out in the market space, then you are in the right place. We will satisfy all your design needs by giving you a chance to explore. To make this possible, we have stocked numerous Adobe After Effects templates that you can choose from to create your logo intro animations.


Now, this particular video template will help you create intro videos with a duration of up to 11 seconds. This is ample time to pass your message without getting people bored. Best of all, this intro template has space to insert one logo image and even write one text line.


How to create your intro


It is elementary for you to create professional videos with our intro creator. You will develop high-quality videos using the best After Effects Templates. Click the button above to start your video project.


You will open up the editing window of our outro template, where you will access all the formatting tools. You can then replace the existing content in the display parts with your logo image and text lines. To make your content more enticing, add a music track to it.


Please choose your favorite song from the stock available on our video editor. Alternatively, you can upload a music track from your device. Interestingly, you can even change your music selection after producing your video. Once you are satisfied with your music selection, produce a free test video to ascertain that you have made no errors while creating your video.


If you are confident that your video intro is flawless, pay a one-time fee to produce it in Full HD. You can then download it in various sizes and formats, ready for use wherever you want. Get started now for free and get to create fantastic videos.


Why do you need a logo reveal video?


Now, you need a logo intro for many reasons. The simplest one of all is to create more awareness about your brand. More than 70% of the human population is on social networks in this digital age. Therefore, the best avenues to upload your videos are digital media. Now, people love videos, and they prefer watching them to reading text.


Therefore, using videos to popularize your brand will make more people learn about it. Social networks make it easy to share your videos; hence, you will reach more people quickly. This is good for business because you are likely to make more sales.


You also need a logo intro video to make your brand stand out. There are numerous brands in the same sector of operation as your own. Some may have a similar logo image to yours. If you want to make your logo image different, you need to animate it. By doing so, people will identify your brand more quickly, which is perfect for business.


Moreover, creating a logo intro video for your brand will make people deem it more professional. People love brands that embrace new market trends. This is because it shows commitment to your craft. Logo animation is a new trend, and people will see you as a professional if you embrace it. Therefore, they will trust your brand, and hence, you will make more sales.


Why choose our video production company?


Yes, there are indeed numerous video-making companies. But trust me, we have the edge over most, if not all of them. I will tell you why;


First of all, we have an elite team of animators. They are very talented and fabulous at what they do. Now, they have created an advanced video production software capable of producing professional videos within minutes. I bet you think that it is hard to use it. But you're mistaken.


On the contrary, it is easy to use because it has a user-friendly interface. Best of all, our video intro creator is based on a Do-It-Yourself model that allows you to customize your video to your liking. Isn't that super cool? Yes, it is. We also stock many After Effects templates, and therefore, we are sure that there is a video ad template that will suit your design taste, regardless of how unique it is.


My advice; hurry up now and join us, and trust me, you will have no regrets ever.

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