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Do I need a logo intro video for my brand?

Do you want to learn how to create a logo introduction video? A video that will take your business from point A to B? First of all, let me explain how influential a logo is to a company.

A logo is the main point of identification. It’s a symbol that clients use to identify a brand. When people look at your logo, they can instantly identify what your business entails.

The truth is, a good logo introduction video triggers a positive memory about your brand that apparently, the name of your business alone might not. Honestly, some people are likely to forget your brand's name, but they’ll instantly relate to your logo. For this reason, having a catchy logo intro video should be a necessity.

Why is a logo intro video essential to your business?

Let’s assume you’ve gone out shopping, you’re passing through the shoe column, but all you see is a collection of the same type of shoes displayed everywhere, then all of a sudden, you spot a different unique shoe. Chances are, you’ll buy the shoes. The same case applies to your brand’s logo.

How you display it will determine how people will take it. When it comes to your logo introduction video, dare to be different because it communicates to your customers why the company is unique. Our online intro maker is perfect for you to create an outstanding video that will command everyone's attention.

As such, consider inserting one text line and a logo image. With a total duration of 7 seconds, that’s enough time to introduce your brand to the audience. Your logo is what customers look at first, and it can determine if your company is accessible and trustworthy.

Create a logo animation video using our intro and outro maker

When you consider all factors investing in a business, creating a logo introduction video might not look like a top priority. ‘’Maybe I don’t need an introduction video at all,” a voice whispers at the back of your mind. Ignore that voice.

Having a logo introduction video is essential in making your business a successful one. It’s the basis of your brand’s identity, and It creates a strong first impression. According to research, it takes approximately 2 seconds to convince people about your products and services.

Our video template made based on after effects by our experienced professionals give you a user-friendly experience. It has an in-built editing tool that enhances your creativity by playing with the colors and font.

Where can I use my logo reveal video?

The template allows you to create a video and download it in different formats and sizes once you make a small payment. The introduction video can be used during presentations or shared on various social networks to increase brand awareness. Your logo video is your company’s initial introduction to customers. If displayed well, it can ignite the public’s interest and convince them to know more about your business.

So there you go, as you can see, you need a logo introduction video. It’s a crucial part of building a prosperous brand and business. Marketing and branding are about telling a story that will impact customers’ emotions and feelings.

In short, the ball is in your court, if you create your video using the above template, it will act as a bridge that connects your business to customers, and the next thing you know, your business will be on top of your competitors. I bet that’s what you want.





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