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Make Instagram Promo Video Online with After Effects template

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How to make viral Instagram promo videos on a small budget?


Instagram advertising for business offers brands unique opportunities to build their audience. All of this certainly sounds exciting. As you go on this influencer marketing journey, let me share a few best practices to ensure your efforts yield encouraging results.


Getting your brand exposed and growing your visibility on one of the world’s most frequently visited social communities won’t happen overnight. Well, that’s apparent. However, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success. Ready-made video templates are a must-have if you want your promotional videos to get any attention on Instagram.


Have you wondered why so many brands prefer customizable Instagram promo After Effects templates today? The answer is simple: it drives creativity, innovation, and one doesn’t have to make a video from scratch. Plus, it’s cost-effective, repeatable, and sustainable.


What does it take to build your Instagram profile?


Here are three things your business needs to increase visibility on this platform. Your brand won’t magically become famous. It takes incredible commitment, consistency, and dedication to get ahead. So what does your enterprise need to drive engagement and inspire new followers?


  • Create compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience. If you want your brand to be impactful and memorable, you must tell fascinating brand stories. Our creative storyboard concept will help you string your clips together with a catchy slogan for 20 seconds playback.


  • Study what your audience likes. While worded expressions are not always readily available, you can analyze social insights to learn their content preferences. With this approach, you can post relatable, inspiring content your target audience cares about and wants to see. As long as you are transparent and publish engaging visual content on Instagram, your time there will be rewarding.


  • Maintain consistency and flow. Publish high-quality videos to attract more viewers and make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd. With our ready-made video templates for Instagram, you can ideate creative concepts to enhance your projects. Gain access to intelligent tools so that you can apply treatments for a cohesive theme that embodies your brand.

When creating your promo video, you can upload three logo images, seven taglines, eleven video clips or photos, and a matching song. It offers comprehensive personalization options so that you can customize the graphics with your company colors, add text and unique branding. After that, hit produce to render the footage and download your branded video ad to share it on your Instagram feed.


How soon can you start making Instagram promo After Effects videos?


Super easy and fast sign up! Start editing in seconds. No training is necessary. Our process involves a simple drag-and-drop operation, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve done this before or not. We’ve simplified the technical aspects of video production so that you can achieve the best results with ease.


Let me show you how economical and repeatable video-making can be when you use prebuilt templates. One thing that is concerning to small business owners, in particular, is how costly creating video content can be. Customized video projects offer the convenience, versatility, creativity, and innovative approach brands need to succeed at a low cost.


Whether you want to invest in a few templates or just one, you’ll be enjoying lifetime use. Each template comes fully loaded with customization options and built-in features to give your projects a different look. That said, you can produce multiple versions using only one design.


Why use a promo After Effects template to elevate your Instagram status?

First of all, you get to try different looks for your video project without paying anything upfront. We offer a variety of stock treatments you can sample from our massive catalog. Another thing is that anyone with a computer, internet connection and clips or photos can use these.


Since it provides the framework for your video, you’ll have less ground to cover. Now you can incorporate unique design elements and create filters, transition, two, three, and four-dimensional effects effortlessly. Get viewers to stay tuned in by complementing your animations with sound effects and music.


You can even create slow and fast motion scenes to emphasize your visual cues or messages. Video templates offer fun, creative styling options to make visually appealing content. Moreover, using these affordable templates is self-explanatory, and we have tutorials built into the composition to guide you.


So, in a nutshell, this works for anyone, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to get full access and try exclusive templates.

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