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Create Instagram Food Story Video for Advertising Burger Bar

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One-stop guide to making Instagram stories for advertising a burger bar

Anyone who loves promos can never run short of ideas to make their brand look amazing. Whether you are a social media enthusiast or a marketing expert, you'll agree with me that Instagram has become a sensation on the internet. Interestingly, the platform has diversified, and it's no longer a magnet for puppies, posting selfies, or performing dance challenges alone. It has also become an ideal platform to engage your customers through product promotions.

So, as a brand owner, you want to know how to leap-step your burger business to the next level using Insta stories. Do you want to know how to do this? Worry no more. It's the precise reason why we are here. Of course, not all eateries understand this secret ingredient, and after the present guide, you'll be a step ahead standing from the crowd. Depending on your skill level, the process can be easy or a walk in the park. Join the wagon, and learn how to leverage your burger business using Insta stories.

The first pro tip is straightforward if you think it's interesting. Do you see the "Press Here to Add a Video" button in the above template? Click it and enjoy amazing editing options that allow you to design product advertising that matches your brand aesthetics, captivate your followers, and turn them into potential customers. Start by inserting up to two videos, four text lines, and a logo image. Also, ensure that the video duration does not exceed fifteen seconds.

Grab your viewers' attention with exciting Insta stories for burger advertising

Without creative adverting ideas like Insta stories, the food industry would be pretty dull. Thankfully, Instagram using external apps like the template you see above brings food to life. Armed with animated transitions and motion effects, it is a great way to make your mouth water, your heart warm, and your belly growl. With a simple burger on the plate, it can become an amazing narrative to create unforgettable memories for your audience.

As you can see from the short clip in the template, the aesthetics talk for themselves. There is no better way to get into burger advertisement than using our template to create sparkling and fabulous Insta stories for your darling audience. The motion graphics in the text placeholders is a great way to catch the eye of a scrolling viewer. The exciting heart that your followers will feel about your brand is impressive. And you can't wait to convert them to potential customers.

If you want your story branded with a breathy tempo in the background, our talented team of animators has done everything to get you covered. We have revamped your burger bar advertisement to be a model of the taste-first design with copyright-free music. The background music provides a more authentic connection with your followers, and you don't have to worry about copyright strikes. It should be a thing of the past for you. So, be part of us, and we'll supercharge your brand in seconds.

Final words

In a nutshell, our state-of-the-art template makes burger ads visually appealing. When you post it on Insta stories, it creates hype for your upcoming burger launch. Make your audience feel like they have a stake in what's happening. We offer a host of fonts and designs that matches the current events.

Our online maker will style your story correctly. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas time, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or any other festivity such as weddings. Now that you understand the rule of thumb up Insta stories for your burger ads, why not start with us? We offer flexible solutions that are pocket friendly and worthwhile to match your budget.

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