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Make Glitch Opener Video Online with After Effects template

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Leave a lasting impression with a glitch opener video

Are you a tech-related startup owner looking to make a stunning opener video to introduce your products and services? We live in a tech world, and we can’t forget that glitch video effects date way back. But today, a glitch is a video art that videographers and content creators use to transform video content. This blog post will explain how our glitch effect video maker can do wonders for your brand; read on to find out.

The above video template lets you make a glitch opener video by inserting up to twelve video clips, twenty-five text lines, and a logo image. With a total video duration of forty-one seconds, you can capture your audiences’ attention and convince them to watch your video from the beginning to the end. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: ‘’the video duration, isn’t it too short”, the truth is, the video length gives you adequate time to showcase all the essential info concerning your brand.

In addition to that, many people prefer watching short videos since they can easily concentrate; on the other hand, longer videos tend to be dull. So, let’s assume that you’ve now successfully created your video; the question is, how do you plan to market and advertise it? Social media is a powerful tool, and people in the online community can positively impact your business; let’s discuss how important it is to develop a social media strategy.

Impact of social media on your glitch tech opening video

According to stats, eight out of ten people spend most of their time surfing the internet looking for various products and services. What does this mean? It means that if you embrace a social media marketing strategy, you can get people to access your video quickly and effortlessly without spending a fortune.

Unlike back in the day when people would spend lots of money on a TV or radio commercial, social media has made things a lot easier and cheaper. Did you know that posting content on social media platforms is free of charge? Unless you want to promote it, you’ll only have to part away with a small amount; therefore, it’s a fair deal for a startup company when you come to think of it.

Okay, I know how difficult it can be for a startup business owner; you might wonder where to begin; the first process is opening the social media accounts. There are so many social media platforms; you need to ensure that you pick the ones that will favor your business. For example, if you create many video content, the best platform is to post it on YouTube since it’s the best video-sharing platform; you can also sponsor the video to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

How to make a glitch video?

The process of making a glitch video is straightforward. The first step is to log in to your account on our website; don’t you have an account? Worry not; you can create one for free. So, once you log into your account, you can access the template and start building your video. Consider adding your video clips and text lines into the template, then start making adjustments.

Gladly, we have inbuilt editing tools like the font and color feature, which you can use to enhance your creativity during the video creation process. You can also add some of the most fantastic transitions and video effects. If you want to make your video spicy, consider adding a royalty-free song from the ones available in the music library. 


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