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Create a Logo Opener Animated Video with Fluids Special Effects

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This logo template allows you to produce an amazing animated video with fluids special effects. It gives 5 choices of animation to promote your business, services and other things. It has a choice of particle colors, 5 different animations of particles and 1 tag line of text for website information. In under half hours you can produce stunning logo opener for your business.

How to create a logo opener video? The steps are very simple if you use our online template video editor. When you press the button above, you'll see a dashboard with 3 steps.

The first step is to customize the template by inserting your graphics instead of what is already on the template by default. Go through the parts displayed on the user interface and for each one, change the content.

The second step is optional. You can change the music, either by picking a song from our library or by uploading your own mp3 file. If you decide to use your own music, make sure you have the proper license, otherwise you might have issues if you upload the video to Youtube.

The last step is the video production, which is diveded in 2 steps. First you produce a free preview video and secondly you produce the final Full HD video. Notice that before the final video can be produce, you will have to pay for it. The price is displayed in the header and it is a one timepayment. But that is optional and only necessary if you want to use the video commercially without the watermark.

If you just want to try out our service, just create the free preview video and download it. You can always come back later and purchase the final video.
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