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Create Amazing Fast Glitch Logo Reveal Intro Video with Music

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Design unique and stylish glitch logo intro videos for marketing your brand!


Now, logo images are the first things that people see before they can even interact with your business, brand, or watch your video. That said, most companies have logo images. Some of those are similar or almost the same. This poses a challenge to customers because, in such instances, it is hard for them to differentiate between the brands. Now, the best thing you can do in such a scenario is to make your logo image stand out so that it is easier for people to identify your brand.


The best and the cheaper option to do this is by creating yourself a logo intro video. Let me quench your curiosity; A logo animation is a video that adds various unique motions to your static logo image and reveals it in style. It could entail the breakdown and reassembly of your static logo image but uniquely and stylishly. That said, logo intro animations are very short but achieve their intended objective.


Now, suppose you already have a logo animation, but you are looking for a change. Or maybe, you are opening a new brand, business, or perhaps a YouTube channel, and you are looking for a unique way to brand it and create more awareness about it. If that is the case, you need to create something different, something unique and impressive. Therefore, you should consider creating glitch logo intros.


Now, in case you are wondering what glitch intros are, let me enlighten you. They are videos whose contents appear to have errors that correct themselves. Now, these are unique, and not many people use them. So, if you adopt them, you will make your brand stand out in the market. And the good news? We have designed special After Effects templates that will help you create fantastic glitch intro videos that will make it easier for people to identify your brand and differentiate it from your competitors.


How can you create a fast glitch logo reveal After Effects Project?

Now, I am sure you are curious about how you can produce a glitch logo intro video. Now, you need to know that the video creation process on our intro creator is effortless. You only need to follow a few simple steps, and your video will be ready within minutes. With this After Effects template, you can create videos with a duration of up to 6 seconds. Yes, the videos are short but precise. And the best part? They will uniquely and stylishly introduce your brand to your target audience.


Now, to start your video project, click the button above. You will access this template’s editing window, where you can insert your logo image and write 1 line of text. The text line is handy because you can use it to give essential details about your brand, such as its location. Ensure that your video is accurate and flawless before spicing it up with a music track.


Once you are happy with how your video looks and are confident that it is flawless, go ahead and produce it in Full HD. Pay the small fee on the template headline via PayPal, American Express, Visa, or even MasterCard to do this. The good news, our video templates are very affordable. With the Full HD Video in your possession, you can download it to your device in various sizes and formats and use it wherever you want.


The Takeaway


In conclusion, using glitch intro animations for marketing your brand is an excellent choice. You will get to create more awareness for your brand, making it stand out and easy for your customers to identify it. You will also improve your brand’s image, making it more credible, trustworthy, and professional.


Given all these advantages of producing glitch intro animation, I see no reason not to create one for your brand. My advice; make a glitch intro video using our intro maker. Trust me; you will not regret this choice, and the intro videos you create will be worth every penny you spend on them. Click the button above to get started.

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