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Create Slideshow Video with Light Strikes

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With this video template, you can create A 64 seconds slideshow video presentation, with room for 19 text lines and 13 images or video clips. Great for creating a promo video for advertising your company.

How to create an advertisement video?

Easy, just press the button above to open our template video editor and produce a customized video based on this template. Our easy to use online video creation tool will let you upload your photos and insert your text to replace the existing content of the template.

You can use our online movie maker to create stunning videos for marketing and promoting your company. All done from within the web browser, in just a few minutes. Try for free!

Our video production service is low-cost but we don't compromise with the quality. All videos are produced based on professional Adobe After Effects templates, designed by talented video animators.

We are confident that you will love our service and the quality of the videos we produce. And if you decide to be a subscriber, you'll be able to produce as many videos as you wish for a fixed low price.
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