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Make Company Presentation Video with After Effects template

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Want to be successful with your company presentations?


How do you make better company presentations that engage all parties? Whether you’re targeting consumers, stakeholders, or partners, your execution counts. Have you ever found yourself improvising to beat the boredom bug consuming your audience?


Don’t panic! What can you do differently to get their attention? With our simple online video maker, you can create highly visual content for any business.


You’ll be using our automated template, so you don’t even need first-hand knowledge and experience. This featured composition is easy to edit, and you can do everything right on your browser. Where to begin?


Learn how to make a company presentation video in 1-2-3 easy steps


No waiting. With these few easy-to-follow directions, you’ll be turning out professional presentations in no time. Start creating videos immediately after registration. Log in to open this animation and add the assets you want.


The built-in editor will open automatically on your web browser when you click the Edit This Template button under the video. You can easily drag and drop items on the template drop zones to update the design. This video project lets you insert 21 video clips, 21 taglines, and your company logo.


Use background music to set a mood that injects life and emotion into your business presentation. Redo the color scheme, alter the text effects and typography. Apply branding elements and animation to give context to your storytelling. Download your branded corporate video right away.


Easy way to make the best company presentation videos


The automated way is faster, inexpensive, and incredibly flexible. With our editable video project, you’ll be able to tailor your presentations to delight your targeted demographic. All you have to do is make a few simple modifications to give it a custom look.

Our template design is so versatile; you can use it to make industry-specific videos for any business. This clean, minimalist layout lets you sum up everything in just 1 minute, 6 seconds. Isn’t that something!


  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Accomplish things faster with our lightning-speed auto-render engine that cuts, edits, crops, and merges all parts of your video for a seamless transition. It’ll speed up your creative development stages.


  • Reduce errors and production costs. Adapt this video project to your branding needs to save time and money. See what your finished video looks like, and catch the errors before ordering a full HD (no watermark, Mp4) video.


  • Follow industry best practices. Ready-made video templates not only help brands like yours look impressive on-screen but enable them to develop industry-standard content that sells consistency and professionalism.


  • Repeatability and reusability. One of the advantages is this template never gets old. You can repurpose it for various campaigns and presentations. Plus, it streamlines your video production workflow so that you can make the most of the capital and resources you have.


Best company presentation maker - premium design, unlimited use


Let’s recap what this low-cost post-production template can do. Once you buy this license, it’s yours, and you can use it over and over again without paying extra. Try various premium designs until you find the one that suits your company.


Edit and resize the graphics, apply unique transitioning scenes, and create creative branding with a few clicks. With this modular base, you can present your company data and facts without overwhelming the audience. Now you can reflect your brand focus through your videos uniquely and authentically.


This presentation template engineered by our skilled motion design experts is cutting-edge, adaptable, and has a spacious layout. With this design, you can push your creativity to maximum potential. It’ll ensure your presentation makes a memorable impression on your audience.


Now you know how simple it is to make branded corporate videos online; try it and see! Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for worry-free downloads and premium benefits.

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