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Make Christmas Tree Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Here’s a great way to close the year with a Christmas tree slideshow

It’s a great thing that you’re making arrangements for the holiday season, which will be here soon. If you haven’t made any plans yet, there are several ideas to consider what your company will do to show its holiday spirit to its clients, employees, or investors. With a Christmas tree slideshow video, you can create a holiday greetings video by inserting up to ten video clips, twenty-one text lines, and a logo image. With a total video duration of one minute and eleven seconds, you can spread Christmas love to your viewers.

Suppose you’ve been thinking about creating a beautiful Christmas greetings video; it’s essential to start planning it immediately. The above Christmas slideshow maker will help you create a festive and caring video in less than thirty minutes. The Christmas season is the time to worry less and enjoy more by sharing great moments with your family and friends. With this template, we give you a chance to create an amazing video to spread the Christmas spirit and appreciate the cheerful celebration.

Suppose you’ve never edited a video before. Since it's user-friendly, you can positively take your first step in video editing with this slideshow maker. Moreover, it’s super easy, exciting to use, and we guarantee an incredible experience even as a beginner. Use this template to create your Christmas video and make it look professional and high-quality; you can also include color effects and play around with the font feature to change your typography.

Here’s are some Christmas greeting video ideas

Whichever way you choose to go, here are a few suggestions to consider when making and sharing your Christmas holiday corporate video. It’s essential to know your audience because your viewers have different tastes; for that reason, it’s vital to ensure that when creating your video, it accommodates everyone. Another essential factor to consider is using a lighthearted tone; it’s possible to make an excellent serious and emotion-grabbing holiday video, but it’s easy to miss the mark.

The shorter the video, the better because you have to keep your audience glued on your video; if you make it too long, they may quickly get distracted. Another great idea is to create a landing page for your video; all you have to do is dedicate a page on your site for your holiday video, allowing your customers to share it easily. When sharing your video on various social media platforms, it’s crucial to pick a good thumbnail image; consider choosing an eye-catching image that will encourage recipients to view it.

It’s essential to ensure that you’re strictly sending the Christmas greetings; avoid using that moment to make sales or promotions; remember that holiday videos are fun, exciting, and heartwarming. Most people usually take a break from work during this season, so they may quickly get turned off if they watch anything work-related. However, if your video is fun to watch, it will definitely get a good reception.


The Christmas holiday only comes once a year; as a result, it’s crucial to make it count when you have this template at your disposal. It is affordable, but you also get to access fantastic inbuilt editing tools that will assist you in creating a top-notch production. Of course, not forget the beautiful copyright-free Christmas songs that you can freely select from the music library.

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