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Create Christmas Intro Video with Our Professional Template

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How to make Christmas intro video clip: A simple step-by-step guide

The holiday season is finally here. And that means it’s time to start making holiday videos. Are you looking to push your creativity to the limit? We have just the tool to help you craft fun and unique videos about any topic.


Try this premade Christmas video as part of our holiday exclusives. The perfect opener to evoke the positive emotions you want your audience to feel, be it laughter, awe, or gratitude. How do you go from idea to finished product in no time?


That’s simple! This intro video clip contains fully customizable content placeholders for easy editing. With it, you can produce a festive animated clip up to 15 seconds long using your logo, footage, and text. It provides a structured layout to help you organize your media and achieve uniformity across all your video series.


Delight your audience with a fun Christmas intro card


How do you make a holiday intro video to warm hearts and put viewers in a festive mood? Grab this fun and creative Christmas video maker to get started. In three easy steps, you can make a magical video to introduce your business, brand, or yourself as an independent. With an animated video like this, you can effortlessly inject humor and lightheartedness into your story to show off your fun side.


Swap out the presets with original footage and pictures to create new scenes for your project. With one click, this drag-and-drop template editor will transform your ordinary photos into beautiful Christmas-themed artwork. Sounds incredible, right? Now you can make quality visual content that will hook your audience from the start.


Need it for your business clients? No problem. Our versatile video template can work for that as well. It has an elegant, minimalistic design with circular photo frames and drawings to give your images a decorative touch. You can change the blue background color to something you like in a flash. This video is all you need to send cheerful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to everyone in one breath! 

Plan out your story with a pre-designed Christmas intro template


Want to tell your stories more effectively? Let me show you how simple and repeatable this can be when you use our pre-designed template. It’s the best way to start planning your story for your Christmas intro video. 

Once you follow the step-by-step tutorial included with this pre-rendered template, you can’t go wrong. As you can see, this clip already has a layout to add structure and make your video look professional. The concept is foolproof, so you can be an absolute novice at this and compose a masterpiece. 

Our editable storyboard gives you a core structure to arrange your scenes in an orderly fashion. The framework contains six (6) customizable placeholders for pre-recorded video clips or images and six (6) taglines. You can create an animated version of your logo and display it with your website link. After you string your scenes together and add video treatments, you can seamlessly tie in a jingle to complement the visuals.


Pace your Xmas intro scenes with perfect timing


Our plug-and-play editor features user-friendly video settings to adjust how fast or slow your scenes play. This powerful video timeline editor has a speed controller built-in to make easy adjustments. It also has a preview mode to see the changes in real-time. 

When you create personalized content like this, you'll get to show off your unique style and creativity as a brand. What are the benefits of using our app to make Xmas greetings video clips? It allows you to produce high-value video content for any marketing campaign or personal project at a fair price. 


Reduce the time and effort you spend on consistency with automated drag-and-drop editing to speed up repetitive tasks. Use the same colors, fonts, designs, and themes to give your brand a cohesive look. Try our trendy Christmas video template for free and download a low-quality version. Alternatively, you can purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for a better experience.

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