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Make Childhood Memories Video with After Effects template

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Make a stunning video with our slideshow maker for kids

What comes into your mind when you think of creating a children's video? Here's your chance to showcase your creativity with this baby slideshow template. With this video template, you can make a childhood memories video by inserting up to twenty-one video clips, twenty-seven text lines, and a logo image. With a total video duration of one minute and forty seconds, you can engage your viewers and convince them to watch your video from start to finish.

Whether you have a youtube channel for kids or organize events for kids, this slideshow maker will offer the perfect solution to ensure you create an outstanding video. Okay, I know what you're thinking: you're hosting an upcoming kids' event and want to impress the audience with a fantastic video, but you don't have any video editing skills. Fortunately, with this template, we give you a user-friendly experience throughout the video creation process.

An advantage of using this template is that we guarantee professional and high-quality video production on a budget. Think about that for a minute; you have every reason to invest in the movie maker for kids with all these excellent services at your disposal. As an entrepreneur, you have everything to benefit from this template, whether affordability or brand visibility.

Here are incredible features that come with our children video maker

You can modify your videos

Everyone has their unique taste, and the same thing applies when making videos. With this template, you can customize your video as your desire; whether you want to give it a classy but straightforward vibe or a calm feeling if you're going to add some exciting transitions and video effects, all that is possible with this template.

According to video producers, custom-made videos are a powerful way to grab your viewers' attention. Since you can add twenty-seven text lines on your video, ensure to include the little details such as your company name, website, and even social media handles; it's an excellent way to delight your viewers.

Incredible inbuilt editing tools

There are a lot of video templates online, but not all of them have inbuilt editing tools. An exceptional thing about our children's video maker is that it has amazing inbuilt editing tools to enable you to get creative with your video. For instance, the font feature lets you play around with your text; you can change the font style or resize.

It also has the color feature, which plays a crucial role in adjusting the colors of your images and video clips.

Music library

Imagine watching a video without music? Chances are, you might quickly get bored along the way. Music is powerful, and it's one of the significant steps in the video creation process. Statistically, people enjoy watching videos with background music than those without. The beauty of this template is that it gives you a range of copyright-free songs to add to your video to make it more engaging.


We live in a competitive business world, and with lots of brands investing in video marketing, it's essential to post quality videos quickly. With over eight years of practice in the video production industry, our videos speak for themselves. Investing in this video template means better conversion rates and an increase in brand awareness. You also get to download your video in several sizes and formats, perfect for sharing on social media platforms. I mean, who doesn't want such a fantastic deal!

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