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Make an Animated 3d Lion Intro Video with our YouTube Logo Sting Creator

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With this After Effects template, you can make a beautiful, spiritual lion intro 3d animation that reveals your logo. It has many adjustable features to match your required style and theme. In a few easy steps and a few minutes, you will end up with an amazing logo sting for your advertisement.

How creative is a 3d lion animation in this template?

The animation of running and roaring lion looks very cool, which turns into your logo at a later stage. You can adjust all colors while editing the template, so the animation matches the color theme of your requirements.

Matching sound effects make a 3d animated lion looks even more realistic and would suit nicely any business advertisement on YouTube. Our designers and animators did a great job on this template to make the logo sting look very neat and presentable.

What is a logo sting?

Logo sting is a short intro video of your logo in abstract or cleanly designed animation. In most cases, the length of the logo sting is around 10-15 seconds. Most people use the phrase logo intro instead of log sting, however, they both mean the same thing.

It is used to advertise a logo of the business or a company on YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media channel. Also, it's used as an intro to tutorial videos or learning videos for advertising purposes.

Sometimes, you can find logo stings uploaded on their own, just to put a small, but never the less important information into your mind on the existence of such business or a product. Some logo sting animation looks very simple and most people forget about it 5 minutes later after watching it.

However, if you approached your advertising campaign with care and creativity and managed to create a great-looking logo sting with some amazing-looking special effects. It will leave a long and memorable mark in the viewer's mind.

What is our YouTube intro creator?

It is very complex but at the same time easy to use online software, that was designed by our programmers and animators to produce astonishing advertising videos and intros. In most cases, people upload their intros and videos to the YouTube channel to spread the information as fast as possible between the viewers and followers.

It's not a secret that YouTube today is one of the best places to advertise your business. Millions of people visit that site on a daily basis and even if 1% of them will see your logo intro, will make a huge difference in traffic that is directed to your sales website.

Not all of them will stay and buy your product or order your services. However, it will make a great impact on your profits and google search optimization. The more people visit your site, the more people will google re-direct to you on certain keywords.

It is very important to do SEO the right way and advertise your business on YouTube and other social media channels to attract potential customers.

Now is the time for you to click the button above and start making a cool 3d animated logo sting for your ad on YouTube. It is free to try and we have a subscription option if you'll decide to make more than one HD video, to save you money.
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