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How to Safely Incorporate Music into Your Business Videos

Music is powerful. It can be the difference between an 'okay' business video and a 'great' one. There's increasing evidence that business videos with some form of music outperform those without, something that's not surprising given the power of music.

You can control how your audience perceives your brand by using the correct type of music. You can set the mood, build trust, and create anticipation. There's music for everything you want to achieve.

So, you've bought or rented a pro-quality camera, shot your business video, done some editing, and need a soundtrack for that finishing touch. So, what do you do? Do you add your favorite song? Do you go online and incorporate any song you like in your video? The answer to all these is 'NO'.

The Legalese Surrounding Audio Rights

Almost all music is copyrighted, and you must obtain permission from people who own the rights (usually the record label and artist) before using any music in your video. Giving credit to the artist is excellent and much appreciated, but it doesn't give you any special rights to the song.

While you may be able to use some copyrighted music under the fair use law, which allows special permission for news, parody, commentary, and similar uses, it doesn't apply to business videos. And there are consequences to using unlicensed music in your video. They include:

Your videos may be removed or muted if you upload them on platforms like YouTube or Facebook. The copyright owner can file a lawsuit against you, which may result in you paying a fine. Not good. So, you may already be wondering how to legally use music in your videos. We'll tell you below.

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you've been issued a legal notice for the content used in your business video. In that case, it's essential to understand the steps of responding to a cease and desist letter to ensure you're handling it properly and minimizing potential legal consequences.

Using Music The Right Way In Your Videos

Tracking down the copyright holders of a song and negotiating a licensing fee with them is neither quick nor cheap in most cases. It's usually challenging to get hold of artists or record labels, especially those of popular songs. Even if you reach them, the licensing fee will likely exceed what most people can afford.

So, is there a fast and affordable way of legally using music for your business videos? The answer is yes, thanks to royalty-free music. For those unfamiliar with royalty-free music, it's music that is easy to license by paying a one-time fee.

Royalty-free music is often priced explicitly for small business owners and independent content creators; as a result, they are very affordable. But you still pay attention to the fine licensing print. Some royalty-free providers permit you to use any music they license to you as many times as you want, while some require that you get a new license for every new project.

So, the best way to safely incorporate music into your business videos is by using safe-to-use, royalty-free music, which is affordable and saves you from any potential legal issues.

Can You Use Music In All Your Business Videos?

Music has a place in almost any business video, from ads to presentations, marketing videos, and training/safety videos for employees. Finding a soundtrack that fits the video you want to use would be best. For example, ambient music or music with energetic beats may be suitable for a presentational video, depending on what you want to achieve.

So, if you aren't already taking advantage of the power of music in your music videos, you should start doing so.

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