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Create a Professional Teaser Video to Promote Your Event

How to Make a Teaser Video For Your Event

So, you've successfully organized a fantastic event!

Whether it's a cultural festival, a corporate conference, a company booth at a recruitment fair, or even an online webinar, you've put in a lot of effort to make it perfect. However, there's one thing that every event planner fears: the dreaded 'no-show'. It's a nightmare scenario where you don't get the attendees you hoped for despite all your meticulous planning.

But fear not! There's a solution to ensure your event gets the attention it deserves: creating an event teaser video. Promoting your event effectively through a captivating video can generate buzz and spread the word on social media, ensuring a successful turnout on the big day.

To help you out, here are eight simple tips for crafting an engaging event teaser video that will grab people's attention and get them excited about your event.

What is an event teaser video?

An event teaser video is content typically shared online as part of a marketing campaign to promote a specific event before it happens. The primary purpose of the video is to announce the event and showcase its appeal to a particular target audience, to convince them to register and attend.

To achieve this, the video should provide essential details about the event, such as the date, location, and purpose, and highlight what attendees can expect. It should also include a call-to-action that directs viewers to sign up for attendance.

Event teaser videos generate excitement for city events or increase corporate participation while promoting the brand. In summary, a typical event promo video includes

• The event name

• Date and location

• Engaging copywriting

• Visually appealing footage

• Event statistics

• Program details

• Highlights of the event experience

• Additional attractions

• A call-to-action

Now, let's explore the 8 essential tips for creating an engaging event promo video!

Tip 1: Make sure the first screen of your event teaser video is visually captivating

Why is the first screen of your event teaser video so crucial?

Videos have become the preferred format for online content, with a Hubspot report revealing that 54% of consumers desire more video content from the businesses or brands they support.

However, the vast amount of online content makes capturing an audience's attention challenging. As a result, viewers have concise attention spans due to the abundance of alternative content just a click away.

You only have approximately 3 seconds at the beginning of your event teaser video to seize your viewers' attention; otherwise, your post will be scrolled past and forgotten forever. It may sound harsh, but it reflects the reality of modern media. To ensure that your viewers continue watching, the first screen of your video must leave a lasting impression.

3 ideas for creating an impressive first screen:

1. Capture attention with captivating visuals

Use striking photos or videos of your event venue to engage viewers immediately. Consider using footage from previous events or find eye-catching online footage if it's a new event. Avoid overly complex or exaggerated visuals and keep it simple yet attention-grabbing.

2. Humanize the experience

Close-up shots of people enjoying themselves create a stronger emotional connection than generic crowd shots. Include footage and photos of confirmed attendees to add a natural touch. If not, use carefully selected stock footage that looks natural and relevant to your target audience. Pay attention to details like clothing, facial expressions, and background to ensure they align with your video's message and theme.

3. Get straight to the point

In a world saturated with online content, viewers are more resistant to promotional material and can easily detect hype. Avoid lengthy brand logo animations and dive right into the core message. Pose a thought-provoking question or highlight the key benefits of attending the event to capture your target audience's attention.

Tip 2: Master the art of copywriting for your event promo video

How to craft compelling text for your event teaser video

To effectively engage your target audience, it's crucial to understand who your event is aimed at and why people should attend. What's in it for them?

Ensure your message is clear and concise while adopting an appropriate tone for your target audience.

Consider an example: Imagine you're organizing a recruitment event for your company.

Here are two techniques to consider for the text in your video:

Pose questions and use the second-person voice

Directly address the needs of your target audience by asking questions like, "Could this be you?" This simple and direct approach should elicit potential recruits' responses, capturing their attention and encouraging them to continue watching the video. This question can serve as a smooth transition to the next part of your video, where you can showcase footage of current employees enjoying their work.

Utilize short, catchy sentences

The text in your video should make a promise without sounding overly promotional. In today's busy world, people expect something in return for investing their time. What can attendees gain from your event that is both appealing and believable?

For example, a phrase like "Transform your job into a career" is a definite promise to attendees that they will benefit from attending the event and potentially find the career path they've been searching for. This expectation is also realistic for a recruitment event.

Remember: brevity and clarity are essential. It's important to include the Who, What, When, Where, and Why in your video. The more information you can provide while keeping the text concise and memorable, the more effective your message will be in your event teaser video.

Tip 3: Incorporate Numbers and Quotes in Your Event Teaser Video

Why should you consider using event numbers or quotes?

Well, numbers have a natural persuasive power. You might claim that your event is the most popular of the year, but why should anyone believe you? Your event teaser video will become at least 50% more convincing by including statistics. It already sounds more compelling.

Instead of simply stating, "exhibitions, lots of attendees, surprise VIP guests," imagine saying, "10 exhibitions, 900+ attendees, 4 surprise VIP guests." The latter sounds much more appealing and adds to the overall allure of your event.

Numbers can also be used to highlight the interest surrounding your event. For instance, stating, "92% of last year's attendees want to come back" or "We recruit 12% of our annual recruits at this fair," convinces potential attendees that your event is worth checking out.

If you don't have any event numbers readily available, perhaps you have some quotes or testimonials from previous attendees? Utilizing "social proof" effectively persuades people to attend your event because they hear about the benefits from actual attendees, not just from the event organizers.

How can you incorporate numbers and quotes into your event teaser video?

Showcasing those impressive numbers can help structure your video and smoothly transition from one screen to the next. If you have statistics on the number of attendees, VIPs, workshops, or exhibitions, highlight them in your video.

It's best to use short quotes from actual attendees who exude enthusiasm through their facial expressions and speech when including testimonials. Emotion is highly persuasive! If they found a particular aspect of the event helpful or entertaining, quoting them on this can greatly emphasize a specific benefit for future attendees.

Tip 4: Showcase the prominent participants in your event teaser video

Why is it essential to mention influential individuals?

If you have successfully secured renowned performers, speakers, or guests for your event, it is beneficial to highlight their involvement. What better way to generate excitement among potential attendees than by informing them about the notable individuals with whom they will share the experience?

How to emphasize the presence of prominent speakers in your event teaser video?

Allocate a section in your video to showcase your key speakers/performers, briefly describing who they are and what they will contribute to the event. Alternatively, include short interview clips featuring your VIP attendees discussing why the event is a must-attend.

A great example of this approach is how TedX promotes its conferences leading up to each event. It effectively highlights the major participants while presenting testimonials about the event experience. If possible, request that they use your event hashtags on their social media accounts, enabling them to share your video online and help generate excitement.

Additionally, consider reaching out to relevant influencers in your industry. They can assist in promoting your event by sharing your content with their followers on social media.

Tip 5: Provide an overview of the program and its additional features

How can I incorporate the program into my event teaser video?

The program is the event's core; showcasing it in your video is essential so attendees understand what to expect. Once you've captured viewers' attention with an engaging opening sequence and highlighted key event moments, offer them a glimpse of the event program. You can create a concise list covering your event's essential aspects, providing a brief description for each if necessary.

However, be mindful of the word count! You don't need to provide a fully detailed program with specific timings for every activity — just enough to inform attendees about the event's structure.

Am I neglecting the main attraction by not focusing solely on it?

Not at all. While time is valuable in your teaser video, you want to give viewers a taste of everything happening. Aim to showcase the overall event experience, including all the additional attractions. The event teaser video should address these questions: Why should I invest my time attending this event? What value does it offer me? Why is it better to be there in person rather than watching a recap online?

Give your audience a glimpse of the event experience.

Events that involve interactive experiences, where attendees can engage in face-to-face conversations, ask questions, and participate, are much more appealing than traditional "death-by-powerpoint" presentations. If you have organized tutorials, workshops, team-building games, or networking coffee breaks, highlight them using photos and clips in your video.

Alternatively, what other activities will be available if you have planned a cultural event besides your city's main exhibitions or performances? What food and drinks will be offered? Are there any meet-and-greet opportunities? Capture your audience's interest by promising them a remarkable experience beyond the main attraction.

Tip 6: Incorporate hashtags into your event teaser video for social media


Including hashtags with relevant keywords in your event teaser video will enhance its discoverability and concisely summarize the event in a single word or phrase.
Hashtags are a powerful tool to initiate discussions on social media platforms, cultivate a following for your event, and amplify your online presence.

How to create an impactful hashtag for your event teaser video post

Consider the following 5 questions when crafting a hashtag for your event teaser video:

• Is it relevant?

• Is it concise?

• Is it distinctive?

• Is it memorable?

• Is the meaning clear?

Your hashtag should effectively describe your event without being overly generic or lengthy.
Generate a list of keywords related to your event's theme, and you should be able to discover a suitable combination without spending excessive time brainstorming the perfect hashtag.

Using an acronym for your event's name can be a helpful approach to keep your hashtag brief.
Ensure that your chosen hashtag is prominently featured in the video post's description text, and kickstart conversations on social media for your promotional campaign.

Tip 7: Conclude your event teaser video with a compelling call-to-action

Just a quick reminder: What exactly is a video call-to-action?

After the initial screen, the call-to-action (CTA) is your video's second most crucial element, typically appearing at the end.

A call-to-action instructs the audience on what you want them to do after watching your video.
You may have crafted the most exceptional event teaser video ever, but if you fail to guide viewers towards a specific action at the conclusion, all your efforts will be in vain.

Here are some examples of clear and direct CTAs that you can use for your event teaser video:

• Register now at [website URL]

• Sign up now at [website URL]!

• I want to attend! Visit [website URL]

• Find out more at [website URL]

• Book your spot now at [website URL]!

• Learn more at [website URL]

• Follow us on [social account ID]

• Take me there! Visit [website URL]

• Limited time offer! Register now at [website URL]

By including these CTAs along with the corresponding website URL or social account ID, you can guide your viewers toward registering to attend your event.

Tip 8: Build anticipation with pre-teaser videos for your event

Yes, you read that right. Pre-tease a teaser! The goal is to generate maximum content to promote your event and ensure that you consistently reach new audiences and spread the word online.
In the fast-paced world of social media, posts tend to get buried quickly amidst the constant influx of new content.

No matter how unique your event teaser video is, it may not stay visible for long. It's essential to plan and sequence your event promotion online to combat this. Doing so allows you to gradually build up interest and awareness over a sustained period before unveiling your main event teaser video.

This strategy involves creating and sharing shorter videos as "pre-teasers" leading up to the release of your main event teaser video.

How to create anticipation for your event video teaser

To generate excitement for your main event teaser video, consider creating shorter videos that offer sneak peeks of what's to come. These videos can be shared on social media at regular intervals leading up to the release of your main teaser, helping to build awareness and anticipation for your event.

You have secured two industry experts to host workshops at your event. You can create a brief video highlighting these VIP attendees and share it on social media. This will pique the interest of viewers intrigued by the opportunity to see these experts in action. Eventually, you will have generated some buzz online when you ultimately release your main teaser video.

By employing this strategy, you can expect increased engagement for your main event teaser video when posted. Video posts are particularly effective for meetings because viewers can interact with them through features like 'likes' on social media platforms. You may notice your post climbing to the top of news feeds as viewers start voting.

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In short, aim to showcase various aspects of your event while keeping the video as concise as possible. Following these eight simple tips can help you produce a high-quality video that reaches new audiences and boosts attendance for your event, all while enhancing your brand's image.

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