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Create a Video Ad to Promote your Webshop and its Products

How to create a sales video for your webshop

According to a survey, most video marketers, precisely 97%, have stated that videos enhance user comprehension of a product or service. Additionally, 76% of these marketers have reported that videos contribute to increased sales.

Furthermore, 56% of users believe companies should incorporate video content on their websites. Therefore, if you decide to create a sales video and include it on your website's landing page, it has the potential to boost conversions by over 80%!

What is the purpose of creating a sales video?

A sales video is a powerful tool to showcase your product. Cisco's prediction in 2021 that video content would dominate over 80% of Internet traffic has proven to be accurate as the popularity of video continues to grow. Therefore, it is highly recommended that businesses incorporate a video marketing strategy that includes the production of high-quality sales video explainers.

In today's world, videos offer compelling storytelling and can evoke various emotions for various topics and business purposes. They simplify complex messaging, making it easier for your team to understand, remember, and accurately explain to prospects and clients. A sales video is a specialized form of video marketing that places the product sales process at the forefront of the message. The entire story revolves around a specific product and aims to sell it to the audience successfully.

How to create a compelling sales video?

To create a compelling sales video for your business, follow these three simple steps that will save you time and effort:

1. Capture the attention of your prospects

Before profoundly understanding your audience's needs and capturing their attention, breathing life into your value proposition is essential. If you already have a business, breakthrough inboxes to find valuable prospects and take the perfect time for your follow-ups. If starting a startup from scratch, analyze the market and identify opportunities to grab your audience's attention.

Since you may not have anyone in your mailbox to ask about their preferences or how to engage them better, focus on creating compelling content to grab their attention.

2. Move deals forward to closure

Sales representatives must achieve three significant factors before a lead can be qualified as an opportunity to move forward with a deal. Your video should provide immediate value to help prospects. It should also capture creative individuals' attention and make the decision-making process easier for users. Therefore, focus on creating unforgettable sales videos and follow-ups that assist the sales process rather than complicating it.

3. Grow and retain customers

Once you have established a solid sales process, the next step is to focus on growing and retaining your customer base. It is easier to retain existing customers than constantly search for new ones. Make your videos universal and useful for viewers, ensuring they cater to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones engaged. By doing so, you can guarantee sales and maintain a solid customer base.

What are the different types of sales videos available?

Various types of videos can be used for sales purposes. Sales videos are typically one-on-one videos created to assist in the sales process. Salespeople can send them to prospects, stakeholders, or new clients to establish connections, simplify complex information, build rapport, and more. Here are some of the most engaging types of product videos that can be used:

1. Explainer videos

2. Character explainer corporate videos

3. Animations

4. Educational videos

5. Presentation videos

Each type can be customized to suit your project and used for sales. Regardless of the selling your sales team is involved in (transactional, relationship-based, solution-oriented, partnership-based, etc.), you can deliver your message to the audience concisely and clearly.

What should you avoid when creating sales videos?

When creating sales videos, it is crucial to avoid common mistakes. Here are some essential things to avoid in your next product sales video:

1. Making the message solely about your business

2. Adopting a challenging sales approach

3. Including either no call-to-action or too many call-to-actions

4. Using poor body language

5. Making the video too long

6. Recording videos in an unprofessional space

7. Working without a well-written video script

8. Lacking personalization

Instead, focus on addressing the problem (and the solution) or highlighting one key feature at a time. Keep the video short and engaging, providing valuable market information. Find an interesting angle to capture the viewer's attention and include a clear call to action. If possible, consider creating a series of videos.

How to get started?

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In short, utilizing videos in your content strategy can help you establish authority and create a more personal connection with your audience. By incorporating videos, you increase the likelihood of connecting with your viewers on an emotional level, which can be more impactful than other types of content.

It's important to remember that creating videos requires time and effort. To ensure success, brainstorm video ideas and develop a compelling script. Additionally, analyzing your audience's needs and pain points will enable you to create persuasive explainer videos for sales. However, it's worth noting that producing high-quality videos may require specialized skills, software, or the assistance of professionals. If you need help, feel free to seek out specialists or ask for assistance here.

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