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Corporate Video Production | Create Business Promo Videos

Corporate Video Templates That You Can Use for Creating Your Video

Why Make a Corporate Video?

  • Enrich your website with a professional looking video. It will help your customers understand your business.
  • A corporate video helps build trust with customers. They will stay on your site longer and you will sell more.
  • It's super easy. Create your corporate video in 30 minutes and publish it on the web today.
Moneyback guarantee

Your business website will shine even more with a professional corporate video.

Corporate Video Production | Create Business Promo Videos
Easy Video Creation
No tech knowledge required. Works on Windows and Mac
Choose a corporate video template and customize it with your photos, footage, text and music.
Super Fast Production
Get a Full HD motion graphics video within minutes.
Make your corporate business video completely online, experiment as much as you want at no cost.
Super Affordable
Corporate videos from $30 USD.
You can always create a test video without cost. Then, if you are happy with that, you can purchase a high quality video.
Video Hosting
Player and hosting included
We provide embed code so you can easily put the video on your website. It will play on all pc's and iOs devices.
Download The Video
Support popular video formats
Download a MP4 and WEBM video without watermark, for uploading to Youtube, Facebook and your website.
Money Back Guarantee
Not happy? Get your money back
If unsatisfied, we'll refund the money or give you another chance to create the video.

Corporate Video Creation Service

We are a corporate video production company, offering a DIY online video service that lets you produce a professional quality promotional video for your business, in less than 1 hour. Our service is very affordable and you can try without cost. There is no doubt, having a corporate video on your website will help your visitors understand what you are offering, and the end result will be increased sales or customer engagement. We created this website to help you make business videos yourself, for a fraction of the cost it would otherwise cost you. And we made the whole process super easy, so even people that don't know a thing about video production can create a professional corporate video.

To get a professional corporate video for your website, all you have to do is complete our 3 steps process:

1: Choose a corporate video template from our collection.

2: Modify the template by uploading your own material such as images, video recordings and text.

3: Produce a preview video. It will take around 2 minutes. If it is without errors, purchase the final HD video.

Video hosting and video player is included in the price of the HD video. So you can just copy the embed code we provide into your website and the video will play on all PCs and iOS devices. You can also download an mp4 video file and upload it to Youtube, Facebook, or to your favorite video hosting company.

Before you go and use an expensive corporate video production company and wait days or weeks to get your video, you should try our affordable corporate video service. An whiteboard corporate video is a popular option. These animated videos are great for explaining what your business has to offer. So you can start with that... Go ahead make a video for your business and have it on your website today. Try our web video production service, create a test video at no cost.

If you are a bootstrapped startup on a tight budget, you really can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for a promotional business video. Your money is better spent on improving your product. Our videos are a great start because they look professional and cost less than $100. Then later, when your company is making loads of money, you can buy a more expensive video. But why spend all that money when you are just starting out? Many startups use our video production service with great success. Our videos have some limitations because they are template-based, but they still do the job of promoting your company in a professional manner. Your visitors will never guess that you made the video yourself.
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