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Make Sci-fi Energy Blaster Logo Animation video - AE template

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Why is this video intro template the best for creating logo animations?


If you might be asking yourself what this template is about, let me explain: This after-effects intro template helps you create interesting logo animations to make your brand more credible. Think about that for a minute: Logo animation the easiest way of making your target audience trust your brand more than ever while at the same time minimizing the costs you incur.


As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this template allows you to create logo reveal animations with a duration of up to 9 seconds. Ok, I know what you are thinking: That this is little time for you to create a perfect impression for your brand. But wait, let me tell you something: This is more than enough time for you to grab your target audience’s attention because people will not get bored watching the logo animations.


Moreover, this outro template also has space for you to insert your logo image and even write a text line telling your audience what your brand is all about. In my own experience, a short and precise tagline goes a long way in making your target audience trust your brand easily. This may increase the number of sales that you make.


What do logo intros and outros entail?


How you sign in and sign out your content should be very simple so that your target audience has no complications trying to understand the message. By making the introduction and conclusion of your content short, simple, and precise, you totally grab your audience's attention. What does this mean for you? It means that you will always get your target audience interested in your brand.


In my own experience, a fascinating logo animation will do wonders for your brand. By this I mean, making your logo animation more attractive and eye-catching. And the good news? We have a perfect intro template that will help you create exciting YouTube logo animation to arouse your target audience’s interest in your brand.


How to make a good YouTube intro


  1. Prepare your static logo.


When seeking to create a good yt intro, you need to pick a great logo first. Yes, our sci-fi template is helpful, but make sure that you prepare a good logo that can be easily transformed and upgraded by our video template. Also, make sure that it is simple yet striking to make your audience more interested.


  1. Choose a captivating soundtrack.


A good background sound makes your sci-fi energy blaster logo animation video more interesting, and in this way, you get to maintain the attention of your target audience throughout. If you have a blaster animated on your screen, you will not want a soft blow of wind as a sound but a striking swoosh of a laser beam. When choosing a music track, be creative, imaginative, and use the stock music available on our animated logo maker or upload your favorite music track from your device.


  1. Produce your video intro


It is free for you to create test videos of low resolutions and with watermarks on our intro maker. This allows you to try out various templates before deciding to make a purchase. Once you find a template that pleases you, pay a small one-time fee to produce your logo intro animation in Full HD.


You can then download your simple logo animation in various sizes and formats, ready for use wherever you want. You can also use the embed code option to upload it directly on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. Get started now free of charge and get to create top-notch quality logo video animations easily and at pocket-friendly costs.
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