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Video Presentation Templates

After Effects Templates

Create video online with one of the hundreds of professional video templates available.

Movie Trailer & Titles

You won't find these advanced trailer video templates on any other animation maker. They look amazing!

Logo Animation & Intro

We have the best intro maker for creating logo animations. Create an amazing animated logo video in a matter of minutes, great for Youtube channel.

Corporate Video

Make a stunning corporate video for a very affordable price, perfect for startups and small businesses with a tight budget.

Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard video explains the main points of what your business has to offer using hand-drawn cartoons.

Explainer Video

These templates are all you need to explain your business to your visitors in a way that will make them want to know more.

Event Marketing Video

Create video promo to advertise your event. These templates are great for promoting a party, a nightclub, or a festival.

Slideshow Video

Use these beautiful slideshow video templates to make a business video packed with special effects and 3D. Use your photos, clips, text, and music.

Webshop & Products

Our product video maker has all the video ad templates you need to create a video for your business.

App Promo Video

Create a video for advertising your mobile app or website.

Why Use Video Presentation For Promoting Your Business?

MakeWebVideo is a video presentation tool that lets you pick a professional video template and create an amazing promo video presentation.

It has never been easier to enrich your professional website with a high-quality video presentation. With MakeWebVideo, it only takes 3 easy steps to create a powerful business video presentation.

Make Your Business Website Shine and Increase Sales With a Pro Video Presentation

How can you then use the video? Video is proving to be an essential business generation tool on the web. It helps to improve your conversion rates so more people can understand your business and build trust. And this is what we all care about, don't we?

Besides your website, video can be spread around in your business email newsletters, across your social media channels and even Youtube. Your prospects and Google will have an easier time understanding your business. Win-win, as we like to say.

Video Presentation Software

Our video presentation maker delivers business videos that are effective for showcasing business information and slides. Video presentations are recommended for getting your important message across, that be either for internal corporate needs or for improving conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

Search rankings can strengthen

If your website has a low search ranking in search engines such as Google, your website may be quite difficult to come across. In spite of this, marketing videos can really help simply because the search ranking of your website could enhance. When your website has many marketing videos, there is a better likelihood that it will be discovered.

In a video’s detailed description area, you can incorporate the keywords and phrases that you want your business to be connected with. Consequently, whenever someone searches for these kinds of keywords and phrases, your video can show up highly on Google, Bing or any other major search engine.

Easy Video Software
No prior tech knowledge required.
Choose a template and tweak it with your own text, photos, clips and background music.
Super Fast
Get a Full HD motion graphics video within minutes.
Tweak and make your video completely online. Full control, no more waiting for anyone.
Affordable Pricing
High quality, Full HD videos from $20 USD.
You can always create a test video without cost. If you wish you can buy a high quality, Full HD video presentation.
Hosted in the Cloud
Never worry about video hosting & player.
We'll host your videos on our servers. Easily share and embed them all across the web.
Money Back Guarantee
Not satisfied? Get your money back.
We are confident in our product and will give back the money if you are not happy with the result.
>All Modern Formats
Download Video as MP4/WEBM.
You'll be able to download a video file that you can upload to Youtube, Facebook and your website.

How To Make a Business Video Presentation?

Exactly why does my business need marketing videos?Because of the popularity of YouTube, as well as other video hosting websites, marketing videos play a crucial role in business. There are numerous purposes that illustrate why your business should get to grips with marketing videos and also online video software such as the software that we offer for video production and below are some of the reasons why.

No matter if you are a brand new startup or small business seeking to develop your existence online or an existing business wanting to enhance their website traffic levels, there are many advantages that our marketing videos and video software can offer.

You don’t need to hire an expert video production business to shoot a video. Should you want a number of videos that can be published onto a business's website, it can be outrageously expensive to get it done. Nevertheless, as numerous mobile phones have integrated video cameras, it is extremely simple to shoot video footage for a video yourself but this is not the route that you want to take.

Our online video software allows you to develop, download and share your videos at your own pleasure at the highest quality, quality is always important and this is something that we get right every single time.

As soon as a video has been submitted onto YouTube or a business’s website, it has the ability to be discovered by web users. Since a marketing or a promotion video can provide additional leads that could possibly transfer into sales, its ROI (Return on Investment) is essentially very high. This is because you may have spent valuable time advertising and promoting your products in the right way, our video production software brings out the best in any service or product and the videos we produce increase customer engagement which can push for additional sales.

Nowadays All Businesses Should Make Use Of Marketing Videos

After embedding an animated video presentation in their marketing campagins, some of our clients have seen their conversion rate increase significantly. There is a saying... An image is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand sales. Video presentations can make your customers more likely to make their purchase decision.

We are a video production company that offers you an easy, online video presentation software that lets you produce professional-looking corporate videos very fast and affordably.

Our video presentation creator don't require video editing skills in order to produce a professional business video. You can do it in less than 30 minutes.

All our videos were designed by the very best video animators, so you can count on your video will have a high quality.

You can start right away using our video presentation creator to produce a professional web video. Our company has automated the video production process, enabling us to sell videos at low prices without compromising the quality.

You won't find another video production company offering the same quality for the prices we charge. You can even purchase our affordable monthly subscription, and you'll be able to produce unlimited video presentations.

As millions of people have signed up with social networking websites, more and more people can easily view your video if it is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If your marketing or promotion video has a ‘hook’ that attracts potential customers, more and more people will look at it. By using as many social networking websites as you possibly can, the website traffic levels for your website can increase.
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